Today’s Review: Wicked Edge by Rebecca Zanetti

Today’s Review: Wicked Edge by Rebecca Zanetti


By Rebecca Zanetti

4 Stars

 Honestly, I haven’t had so much fun reading in forever, let alone a paranormal read by way of a motorcycle read. Daire Dunne and his nemesis Cee Cee are part hilarious, part too hot to touch, and totally one of my new favorite couples.

Wicked Edge is book 2 in Zanetti’s Realm Enforcers series, a spinoff of her prolific Dark Protectors series.  Set amidst the hidden paranormal world in the northwest U.S., Zanetti has created a society that has witches, demon, and vampires (that I know of, there could be more based on the summaries of her other books). Daire is a powerful witch, an enforcer that protects the Coven Nine. He’s currently working undercover in a local motorcycle club, trying to find out who is distributing Apollo, a fatal street drug to witches and humans alike. His life changes when he walks into the Titans of Fire clubhouse and his eyes land on Cee Cee. Their immediate attraction leads them back to Daire’s penthouse where they share a heated kiss…and the Cee Cee drugs him, making off with all of his files on Apollo.

So, here’s the thing: I can’t really say too much more about the plot without giving away some delicious twists. What I can tell you is that Wicked Edge is delightful. It’s funny without trying, it’s sexy, and full of well-written action that puts the reader smack dab in the middle of things like polar bear attacks, for example. Zanetti writes a well-paced story, weaving in facts of her paranormal world effortlessly while expanding it to include this new couple and the mystery surrounding Cee Cee’s revenge plot. Daire is a powerful witch and uber Alpha male who finds himself attracted to a woman who’s the complete opposite of what he thought he wanted. When she drugs him and takes off with his evidence, he follows, believing that he’s doing so to take her down, but the protector in him rears its head and he finds himself in danger while trying to keep her safe. It’s a bit of insta-love/insta-I’ve got to get in your pants, but it works because Daire seems like the type that KNOWS when he’s been ensnared. Cee Cee is as independent as they come, feisty and deadly. She’s set on revenge and nothing, and no one, is going to stop her, even those that love her. A mantle of secrets surround her and Daire is determined to uncover them. Cee Cee is the perfect foil for Daire, challenging him at every turn, yet there’s a sweetness to her that makes her the complete package of feminine beauty and strength.




If I have any issues with Wicked Edge, it’s that it’s a standalone novel that I was easily able to place right in the middle of a series (or two in this case) and it’s not really a motorcycle club book. The MC elements are peripheral, at best, and they could have been replaced with pretty much anything. I’d been looking forward to a paranormal/MC read (who wouldn’t?) and this was disappointing.  And while Zanetti’s world is unquestionably fabulous, I felt like I was constantly playing catch-up with the elements of the Realm (I think that’s what the overall hidden world is called, but it’s never confirmed, which kinda proves my point). Obviously, an author can’t revisit every detail in every book, but it’s this very thing that makes me avoid picking up a book in the middle of a series. That said, I’m delighted that I read this because now I’ve got a whole series of books that I can’t wait to read. I can’t wait to get to know all of the sexy Alpha males and the women that mark them. Series romance is my absolute favorite type of book to read and knowing I’ve got 10 or so books that I know I’ll love waiting for me? Christmas come early.

4 stars of Wicked Edge. Heat level: 4

I received Wicked Edge for free in exchange for an honest review.

Wicked Edge was published in November 2015 by Lyrical Press.

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Wicked Edge (Realm Enforcers, #2)

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