Today’s Review: Viral Justice by Julie Rowe

Today’s Review: Viral Justice by Julie Rowe

Viral Justice

By Julie Rowe

3.5 Stars

 If you liked the movie Contagion you’re gonna love Viral Justice, the third book in Julie Rowe’s Biological Response Team series. A standalone novel with familiar faces from the previous two books, Viral Justice takes the reader to the Middle East, where Colonel Robert Maximilian and his bodyguard, Sergeant Alicia Stone are on the front lines of the biological warfare being waged by extremists.

Laced with fascinating medical and biological warfare details, military scenes that drop the reader straight into combat, and a quiet romance that slowly develops between Max and Stone, Viral Justice tackles today’s issues with surety.

I enjoyed the book, especially the scenes between Max and Stone, but they were few and far between. Rowe is known for her romantically suspense novels, but this one was a little short on the romance. Yet, it’s believable as Max and Stone slowly develop affection and respect for each other as they fight to save the life’s of those around them. I just would have liked to see a few more pages of heart racing love scene rather than longing glances.

What keeps this from being a 4 star review is that Rowe gets too lost in the details. For someone who thrives on medical details, it won’t be an issue. For me, I found myself skipping along or stopping to try and make sense of something. Tightened up, this would easily hit 4 Stars.

Heat Level: 3 *I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review*

Viral Justice was published in February 2016 by Carina Press

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One thought on “Today’s Review: Viral Justice by Julie Rowe

  1. I love the premise behind this story! But yes, it’s tough to get the balance of suspense/plot/romance just right, especially if you have a short word count requirement to deal with.

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