Today’s Review: Trust in Darkness by Michelle Hazen, A Kindle Worlds Novel

Today’s Review: Trust in Darkness by Michelle Hazen, A Kindle Worlds Novel


Book 1 in the In Time We Trust Trilogy

by Michelle Hazen

SummarySummer is over and Damon is stuck in Mystic Falls with a brother who is determined to confront his Ripper side, a girlfriend hours away at college, and the return of an old friend with a complicated problem.

Even worse, their mind reading archenemy, Silas, has discovered all their secret fears and desires and he is vindictive enough to expose everything right before compelling them into the cage match of the century, no survivors allowed.

All Damon wants is as many stolen minutes as possible with Elena Gilbert, but first he must make sure his family is safe. But how do you defeat a foe that can command your every thought? And after Damon and all his loved ones are confronted with their darkest sides, will they be able to live with themselves? Only time will tell.

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Once again Michelle Hazen grabs hold of The Vampire Diaries and gives its fan a story like no other. Trust in Darkness, a reworking of season 5, has all the aspects of the TVD universe that we’ve come to expect and love from Hazen. At the center of the story is Damon and Elena, yet by no means is it limited to them. For the very first time, Hazen delves into the mind of Jeremy Gilbert with chapters of the story told from his POV. Just as she’s done with previous characters, Hazen captures the voice of the teenaged, slightly angsty, youngest Gilbert perfectly.

As the title implies, this is a dark story with the villain Silas at its core. The reawakened doppelgänger of Stefan Salvatore is not the easily defeated Silas of the show. Here you’ll find a villain who drives our characters to the brink with evil the show has only hinted at. And, It wouldn’t be a Michelle Hazen book without a resurrection of a beloved character and the introduction of an original character that we see only briefly in this first part of the Time series, but one that you will, no doubt, find compelling.

Trust in Darkness is a sexy novel from the first page to the last and Delena shippers won’t be disappointed despite Kindle Worlds annoying PG-13 rating system. With an ease of words that boggles the mind, Hazen shows us the intimate, loving relationship of Damon and Elena which will leave the reader gasping for breath (and, no doubt, dreaming of Ian Somerhalder) without lifting the sheets for a peek at what’s underneath.
The best part of Trust in Darkness is whether you’re a diehard fan or just slightly familiar with the show and its characters you can open the cover and easily find yourself deep into a fantastic novel.

2 thoughts on “Today’s Review: Trust in Darkness by Michelle Hazen, A Kindle Worlds Novel

  1. I’ve been a fan of TVD since it first appeared; however, the televised version does seem to have gotten itself into a quagmire of themes that go off on various tangents. I hope your novels will resist the urge to do so… my best wishes for your books!

    1. Thanks for taking a moment to comment. If you’re a big TVD fan, you should definitely check out Trust in Darkness. Michelle has such great insight into the mythology created by Julie Plec & company. Most days, okay, everyday, I’m convinced she knows the characters better than they do. At a minimum she has a better awareness of who the characters should be. Elena is a perfect example. Thanks again for reading!

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