Today’s Review: Spirited Legacy (Lost Library #2) by Kate Baray

Today’s Review: Spirited Legacy (Lost Library #2) by Kate Baray

“Her emotions were so strong the effects were physical. He made her feel—more. More anger. More passion. More fear. More alive.”



Summary: Lizzie receives an offer she can’t refuse—an internship at the Lost Library, home to hundreds of magical books. And to make the deal even sweeter, her prospective boss has offered to act as her magic mentor. What’s a girl to say, but yes? Except…there are the questions of her unresolved love affair, her recently acquired arch enemy, and a haunting past.

Can Lizzie tackle a new job, learn the magical ropes of spell casting, and save her relationship with an amazing man—all while eluding her nemesis? She’ll sure as hell try.

Join Lizzie as she muddles through another magical adventure, with old friends and new, making the most of what life—and the afterlife—throw at her. Product Details

Kate Baray knocks it out of the park once again with Spirited Legacy, book two of the Lost Library series. Our heroine, Lizzie Smith, is back, unwittingly mated to her boyfriend—and Lycan Alpha—John Braxton. She’s been offered a dream job: cataloging the magical Lost Library. Despite just recently being held prisoner there and barely defeating her enemy, Zach Worth, Lizzie is anxious to return, pushing her fear of facing him again to the back of her mind.

In spite of commitments to his pack, John chooses to accompany Lizzie on her trip to Prague. He leaves behind a disgruntled group of Lycan who are questioning his choice of mate (who they’ve yet to meet) and choices that do not seem in the best interest of the pack. While concerned, John has no doubt that Lizzie will always be his first priority. On the other hand, Lizzie is confused by her newfound status as Alpha Mate despite her love for John and afraid of losing her independence.

Once the couple arrives in Prague it doesn’t take long for Lizzie to find herself face to face with danger and adventure. Unbeknownst to her, a ghost (Matylda) is occupying the Library and this spirit is ready to share important information with Lizzie, both magical, and to Lizzie’s surprise, ancestral. Matylda reveals secrets that kick-starts Spirited Legacy, as Lizzie learns how powerful she really is and what those powers mean.

Just as with Lost Library, Baray introduces what could be an overwhelming amount of information. Instead, she takes a page from J.K. Rowling, allowing us to experience all the wonders of this new world with Lizzie, learning as she does rather than being told by the author. This personalizes the story, making the reader a part of it and not an outsider looking in.

Spirited Legacy is teeming with magical creatures and adventure. Baray continues to wave her wand, cleverly putting into place the pieces of her supernatural world. We’re introduced to dragons and ghosts, the revelation of new magical powers, the increased authority of the IPPC, the Inter-Pack Policing Cooperative, and delightful new characters overflowing in depth and personality. As this group of people with their individual talents grow, we see a team developing, where each plays a role leading to the defeat of the enemy. Yet, in spite of all the adventure and hijinks, original characters and new danger, Lizzie and John remain at the heart of Spirited Legacy. This book is a journey for them as they define their relationship and what each is willing to sacrifice in order to make it work.

*I received this book in exchange for an honest review and as part of Kate Baray’s New Release Blog Tour!*

Both Lost Library and Spirited Legacy are available through Amazon, both electronically and in paperback.

Spirited Legacy (Lost Library, #2)

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  1. Lovely comments – thank you! I appreciate you having LL and SL on your site. Let me know if you’d like to run on a site specific contest, and I’d be glad to provide an e-copy as a prize =)
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