Today’s Review: Lucifer by Quentin Wallace, a Kindle Worlds Short Story

Today’s Review: Lucifer by Quentin Wallace, a Kindle Worlds Short Story



SummaryOn a sweltering Civil War Battlefield in rural Virginia, the still human Salvatore Brothers have a chance encounter that will alter their lives forever. The true saga of The Vampire Diaries starts here, in a tale that sheds some light on why Stefan and Damon lead such tormented lives. This is where it all begins…

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Quentin Wallace has kept himself busy since the Kindle Worlds program started in 2013, writing over ten books of fan fiction including Silo Saga and G.I. Joe. His first foray into The Vampire Diaries, Lucifer, is a Salvatore brother-centered snippet where we catch a glimpse of the brothers shortly before they become vampires.

As the title would suggest Damon and Stefan meet the devil on the battlefield outside of Mystic Falls. It’s apparent they’ve yet to meet Katherine, the vixen vampire that will turn both into the creatures of the night we know from the series. Lucifer is a bit Grim Reaper, a bit Devil, and a whole lot of Court Jester. Wallace writes him as a flamboyant character who flits from broken body to broken body on the battlefield, gleefully claiming souls for himself when he happens upon the Salvatore brothers, on the brink of death after a deadly encounter with a cannon ball. Rather than taking their souls, he catches a glimpse of their future…and the rest would be spoilers.

As a TVD fanatic, it was clear to me that Wallace, at best, is a part-time Vampire Diaries viewer with proof in the details. Those that know me best know I’m a stickler for details when it comes to paying for fan fiction and Wallace either takes some liberties with the show’s Canon or just isn’t familiar enough with it. There are timeline issues: the battle of Mystic Falls takes place after, not before, Katherine Pierce arrives, charming both brothers and persuading Damon not to return to war. There are placement issues: the much younger Stefan never saw battle as he stayed home while brother Damon went off to represent the family. Then there are the nitpicky things like the misspelling of Katherine’s name with a “C”.

That said, Wallace weaves an interesting tale with vivid details that place the reader right in the center of the battle. At times it seemed as if he was making fun of the show, as Lucifer laughed maniacally as he detailed all the havoc the brothers would inflict during their long lives, yet he easily depicts the relationship between the brothers pre-vampire perfectly. Really, the entire short story seemed to be a contradiction. But, we did get to “see” both brothers in uniform.

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