Today’s Review: Jax by Kelly Gendron

Today’s Review: Jax by Kelly Gendron

3.5 Stars

Kelly Gendron’s Jax, the first of her Declan Brothers’ series, kicks off with a bang, with a prologue that leaves you breathless, confused, and just a touch worried. Kick forward a few years and we meet Emmie, Rayna, and Lurlene, best friends, happily living successful lives in Manhattan. When summer comes along, Rayna convinces the girls to head down to Galveston County, Texas where she and Emmie grew up. There goal: break the Declan Brothers.

Emmie has always had a crush on the oldest Declan, Jax. Armed with a lush body and years of wanting him, she’s determined to get him where she’s always needed him, in her bed. Little does she know that the elusive Jax has always wanted her, but not as a fling. He wants her body and soul.

This is an entertaining, quick read that packs a lot of heat, humor, and punch you in the gut moments. Reminiscent of Fifty Shades of Grey, Jax has a particular need in the bedroom, and his proclivities affect both him and Emmie in ways they never imagined. The characters are likable, though I admit there were moments that Jax came across as an overbearing jerk. But, as details come to light, his behavior makes sense.

The relationships between the three girlfriends and the three brothers are built up quickly and help carry the story. And, as Jax and Emmie are pushing towards their happily ever after, Gendron cleverly sets up the next book in the series.

3.5 stars for Jax and a huge “can’t wait” for the next book in the series. *I received this book in exchange for honest feedback*

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