Today’s Review: His Contract by Rebecca Grace Allen

Today’s Review: His Contract by Rebecca Grace Allen

HIS CONTRACT (Book 1 in the Legally Bound Trilogy)

by Rebecca Grace Allen

5 Stars


To quote my friend and author Michelle Hazen, His Contract is the book that should have introduced the world to BDSM, not Fifty Shades of Grey (not that I didn’t enjoy 50 Shades, I did). Rebecca Grace Allen just did it better. Part sweet romance, part hot, hot, hot Dom/sub action, part finding yourself, His Contract is a beautifully written tale of love lost and found. Honestly, I’ve not read BDSM done better.

Jack Archer has been mourning the death of his wife and submissive for over a year when both his brother and his best friend drag him out of the house to their local pub. At 44, Jack isn’t interested in hitting the singles scene, even though he’d promised his wife he’d fall in love again. He’s content as a father to his college-aged son while losing himself in his tenured position as a Harvard Law professor. As a Dominant, he’s not only lost the love of his life, but he’s skeptical he’ll ever find another woman that fits his lifestyle. Lilly has fled Chicago and a D/s romance gone bad. Left brokenhearted and just broken by a Dom that took advantage of her, 28-year-old Lilly thinks she needs to leave that lifestyle behind her, along with relationships in general. When she’s dragged to the same pub that Jack has reluctantly found himself in, the two recognize the “kink” in each other. Fleeing the crowded pub together, they bond over coffee and then find themselves agreeing to explore new territory together.

I could go on and on about Jack and Lilly, their group of friends and family, how they draw each other out, breaking through the walls they’ve both put up. Allen does an amazing job of blending a hot and heavy BDSM story with an unforgettable romance. Though a Dominant, Jack is not an overwhelming alpha male. Older than Lilly by 16 years, he sees a younger woman who’s first experience into the world of BDSM has left her terrified. He finds himself wanting to sooth her hurts, to show her that being a submissive isn’t what her former lover exposed her to. Lilly is hiding from herself, unwilling to accept that part of her that wants to be dominated. While she’s always been a driven person, she’s abandoned her dream of being a lawyer, refusing to take the Bar Exam while working as a paralegal for her brother-in-law’s law firm. While Jack wants to help her heal he never suspects that she’ll do the same for him.

I seriously loved this book. It just felt grown up (not that I’ve been reading Nancy Drew books) and there’s just something about His Contract that spoke to me. Perhaps it’s the way Rebecca Grace Allen approached the BDSM lifestyle. She lays it out in simple terms for the reader (almost instructional, but not, does that make sense?) and not once did I find myself blushing or uncomfortable, instead the narrative helped me to understand the lifestyle more than any BDSM book I’ve ever read. More so, Allen shows how this lifestyle can fit into a loving relationship. Just perfect.

The book reads smoothly, with a nice balance of dialogue and description. The secondary cast is fantastic; Lilly and Jack actually meet due to mutual friends who are fun and loving. The second book in the Legally Bound trilogy is (I think!) nicely setup and I’m already dizzy with anticipation to read it. 5 stars for His Contract; Heat Level: 5/5

*I received this book in exchange for an honest review*

His Contract was published in November 2015 by Samhain Publishing.

For details on reading His Contract click here or on the book’s cover.

His Contract (Legally Bound, #1)

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  1. Oh, beautifully written review here! I wanted to quote so many of your lines, and that might be your best introductory paragraph ever. And I’m not just saying that because you quoted me 😉

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