Today’s Review: Her Master’s Servant by Kait Jagger

Today’s Review: Her Master’s Servant by Kait Jagger

HER MASTER’S SERVANT (Book one in the Lord and Master series)

By Kait Jagger

5 Stars

 Kait Jagger turns up the heat in Her Master’s Servant  in a scorching, almost too-hot-to-touch way. Luna Gregory and Stefan Lundgren found the love of a lifetime in Lord and Master, book one in this series, and then betrayal tore them apart, leaving them (and readers) brokenhearted. In the two months since they last saw each other the heartache has only grown.

Kait Jagger is one of the best authors that not enough people are reading. She handles romantic suspense and erotica with ease, laying out a compelling plot which plays out in beautiful landscapes, while delving into her characters’ minds and emotions. Her Master’s Servant, book two in the Lord and Master series takes the reader from the Shetland Islands (presented in such captivating detail that one can almost smell the ocean and hear the bleating of the sheep) to London, and finally back to where it all began, Arborage.

Though told from Luna’s perspective (3rd person narrative, which is refreshing!), it is Stefan, in my opinion, that is the star of this book. While we knew him in Lord and Master as the controlled, charismatic Swede who falls in love with Luna on his terms, in Her Master’s Servant we find Stefan reeling with feelings of rejection at Luna’s leaving him, remorse due to his part in the betrayal that rocked her foundation, and overcome with his new responsibilities. When he and Luna find their way back to each other, we see Stefan’s emotions bared to the bone as he tries to break down the walls that Luna has built around her heart. The beauty of this is how real it is. Author Jagger describes Stefan as a “quiet alpha”, which in many ways is more true to life than the typical alpha male that we usually see (and love).

Contrary to his more balanced approach in relationships, Stefan’s lovemaking with Luna is at times almost violent as they battle for control that’s more emotional than physical. When Luna refuses to open up emotionally, he demands a physical vulnerability from her in its place. The sex in Her Master’s Servant is the rawest I’ve ever read, both characters flayed open in the only way Luna is willing to allow it. This makes for some amazing love scenes that will leave you breathless.

Outside of the bedroom, we see Stefan tender as he coaxes Luna to embrace her past, face her fears, and finally give him all of her. Luna has lived her life in a controlled way after the death of her parents, rarely revealing all of who she is. As she reevaluates her professional life outside of Arborage and reunites with Stefan, events she didn’t anticipate force her to open up the metaphorical drawers in her “apothecary box”, leading to discoveries she’d not foreseen about herself and her parents.

Much like Arborage in Lord and Master, the Shetland Islands and its inhabitants quietly become a character in itself. Other characters that readers no doubt loved from book one also return and it’s like greeting friends you haven’t seen in a while. Luna’s close friends, in particular, bring needed lightheartedness with their own particular brand of crazy, while Stefan’s family continues to be a darker force, especially his distant cousin Florian who I’d hoped we seen the last of.  And as Stefan settles into his role as the Marquess of Lionsbridge trouble looms for both him and Luna as Florian schemes in the background.

Her Master’s Servant is book 2 of 3 in the Lord and Master series and ends in a cliffhanger (yes, another one!), and the series should be read in order.

5 Stars for Her Master’s Servant. Heat level: 5

*I received an ARC of Her Master’s Servant in exchange for an honest review*

Her Master’s Servant releases on January 18th. Click here to preorder on Amazon.

Her Master's Servant

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