Today’s Review: Changing Teams by Jennifer Allis Provost

Today’s Review: Changing Teams by Jennifer Allis Provost


By Jennifer Allis Provost

3.5 Stars

Changing Teams is author Jennifer Allis Provost first foray into contemporary romance (check out her fantasy and horror books) and the first in her Changing Teams series (another series romance, yay!). As I don’t read much fantasy or horror, Provost was brand new to me, but I still jumped at the chance when Pump Up Your Books starting looking for folks to host her blog tour. I wasn’t disappointed.

We meet Britt Sullivan while Sam McKellar is adjusting her breasts, showing her how she can have her nipples almost fully exposed but hidden. How’s that for a meet cute? Britt is posing for the cover of a historical romance and Sam is the photographer’s assistant-and gay, yet he can’t keep his hands or mind off Britt. The two have an instant connection that develops when they run into each other later at a local restaurant and spend a good part of the night talking and laughing. When a very drunk Sam ends up in her bed following a party later that week, Britt finds herself equally confused and enthralled with what she finds to be the perfect man in Sam.

I can’t really tell much more about the plot without giving this unique turn on contemporary romance away, but I will say it was worth the time to read. Sam and Britt are both incredibly likable characters, true millennials, wonderful senses of humor, and full of love. I found myself smiling frequently at Britt, who has a sharp wit with a slightly sarcastic inner dialogue that kept me turning the pages. Sam is an absolute doll (really, pretty darn perfect), but he’s hiding something that threatens whatever it is that’s building between him and Britt.

Changing Teams is quick paced, fairly dialogue heavy but you still get a strong sense of where you are. The NYC setting isn’t overly developed, but the professional photography world that exists amidst it is handled nicely. Britt’s a model and comfortable with her body, which, admittedly made me slightly uncomfortable at times as she doesn’t hesitate to pose partially nude for Sam in one scene that had me wondering if she wasn’t a bit naïve. Sam’s sexuality, is of course, a main character in the book and his burgeoning romance with Britt could have been construed in many ways, including negatively. Instead, Provost does a decent job of not crossing a line.

I’ve been watching the TV show Younger, which was my first introduction into the millennial culture that exists beyond the realm of this (slightly) middle-aged woman and I felt that Changing Teams slipped seamlessly into what I’ve seen on the show, giving me the sense that author Provost had captured it perfectly.

I received this book in exchange for honest feedback.

3.5 Stars for Changing Teams. Heat Level: 2.5-3

Changing Teams was published in November 2015 by Limitless Publishing.
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Changing Teams

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