Today’s (2nd) Review: Boiling Point by Dara Young

Today’s (2nd) Review: Boiling Point by Dara Young




Summary: A woman on the run…
Karen James is a woman with a plan. Running from her past and her ability to control water, aquakinesis, her goal is to live a normal life. In denial about who and what she is, she ignores a sexy fireman’s offer of help until a fatal mishap puts her in the path of the juggernaut she’s been running from.

A man focused on the present…
Dalton Moore, a pyrokinetic determined to teach Karen how to control her power, has his own past he’d prefer to leave behind. But as his effort to help one woman turns into a commitment to the supernatural community, less and less of the past is staying where it belongs.

A mad man on the loose…
Her past returns with a vengeance pitting her against the scientist she escaped and his pursuit for genetic perfection. Neither Karen nor Dalton expected to be caught in the middle of one man’s twisted scheme or to become the superheroes the world suddenly needed.

The best laid plans…
And falling in love while trying to stop a madman? Not part of the plan. But Fate has a plan of her own because superheroes need love, too.


Boiling Point, book 1 in Dara Young’s Aegis series, bubbles over with romance, mystery, action, and some very serious X-Men vibes. At the heart of this story is Karen James, a young woman with the extraordinary power of being able to control water. Having escaped from a genetics lab, Karen finds herself in NYC where she inevitably runs into others who wield similar powers. “All male, square jaw, stubbled chin, and a perfectly ill-shaped nose”, Dalton Moore is a fireman and a fire-man, able to manipulate fire the way Karen manipulates water. The only difference is Dalton can control his power while Karen is a loose cannon.

The two meet at a motel fire where Karen loses control of her power when her life is threatened. Dalton, recognizing Karen for an “incog”, a person with untrained paranormal abilities, arranges for Karen to work with him and his “cog” (a trained paranormal) roommate, Streak, who, as the name implies, moves very quickly. Soon, the three are working together to harness Karen’s skills, and eventually as their group increases with members they become Aegis, a masked group of crime fighting paranormals.

Honestly, this book was an enigma. First, and foremost, it is Karen and Dalton’s love story. Karen, having lived a life of foster homes and being a lab rat wants nothing more than to be normal, which doesn’t include being with someone else blessed with a paranormal ability. Throughout the book, Karen and Dalton fight their growing attraction and love for one another until danger forces them to admit their feelings. There’s also what I refer to as the “X-Men Factor”. There’s no mistaking the similarities between Boiling Point and the comic book series. Even the secondary plotline, fighting the evil scientist who wants to experiment on the paranormals, hints of Professor X and his team. At times, the story reads as being just, well, corny. For instance, Aegis comes about one night when a fourth paranormal joins the team and the group realizes that as they try and save those being held by the evil Dr. Grafton, they’ll need to protect their identities. That four adults just casually discuss donning uniforms and masks, along with aliases that reflect their powers just seemed out-of-place. Yet, at times, Young’s writing just popped right off the page and I could visualize what was happening as if it were in front of me. I was wowed, to say the least. So, yes, an enigma.

The pacing of the book was slow which I think is a direct result of the inconsistency mentioned above. While both Karen and Dalton are fleshed out nicely, the supporting characters that eventually make up the Aegis team just seem to jump on board with little vetting by leader Dalton and not much development from Young. The editing, towards the end, got very sloppy, which slowed the pacing down even more. Many elements were just too convenient. For instance, the team’s headquarters is compromised and their newest member just happens to have an empty building of lofts waiting to be occupied. Yet, there were enough moments throughout the book that make me think that Young’s writing is a flower waiting to bloom.

Sword Point, book 2 in the Aegis series, is already in the works and you can see its cover here.

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