Three Fun Reasons to Read Michelle Hazen’s Fill Me

Three Fun Reasons to Read Michelle Hazen’s Fill Me

A garage band drummer who can’t keep her boyfriend satisfied.
A bassist who’s performing on darker stages than the musical kind, and can’t tell his BFF.
A lead singer who can’t seem to hold the headliner spot in his own friendships.
It’s just one more dive bar gig, but tonight, all the band’s secrets are coming out.

Three Fun Reasons to Read Fill Me From Author Michelle Hazen


  • First, it’s like a trip straight back to a better version of your twenties (or your actual twenties, if you were way cooler than me). In this short prequel to A Cruel Kind of Beautiful, Jera’s band is playing a gig at a dive bar, and trying to find a semi-dignified way to scam a drink without actually being of age. They’re all there to have fun, but they’re all wrestling with their own stuff, and I don’t know about you, but I just wanted to enjoy the world of being a garage band on a tiny tiny stage for one night.


  • Second, because when I wrote A Cruel Kind of Beautiful, I knew A GREAT BIG SECRET ABOUT DANNY but his best friend, Jera, didn’t have a clue, so there was no way I could sneak it into Book 1. However, it’s a huge part of his story, and I was dying to share his double life with all of you, hence…chapter 4 of Fill Me. After you read it, I would just love to hear from all of you—in the comments here, or on Twitter or my Facebook page—because I’m dying to know if you guessed his secret before you read it in this book. Or, if he had you fooled as much as he had Jera fooled.


  • Third, have you ever heard the saying that you can’t really know who your partner is until you see them when you’re not around? Well, this series is all about the little family of Jera’s band, the family that grows by one person with each book. But to really know these rough and tumble musicians, you need a peek at them before they got famous, before they found love. Before they were anybody, back when all they had was raw talent and a yearning to be more.

Sandra, actually, said it perfectly in her review for this book: “We get a few chapters from each character’s POV where we’re introduced to the issue that defines them, which at the end of the day is something we can all relate to: the feeling of not being enough and wanting to find the one thing that will make us feel complete.”

I hope you check out Fill Me, and don’t forget to let me know if you guessed Danny’s secret! And, check out Sandra’s review of Fill Me!



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