The Trouble is Worth it in Kelly Siskind’s Hooked on Trouble

The Trouble is Worth it in Kelly Siskind’s Hooked on Trouble

5 Stars

Let’s lay the cards on the table.

Nico and Raven were worth the wait.

Yep. Even though I kept looking over my shoulder at them as I read through My Perfect Mistake and A Fine Mess, I’m glad that they waited to tell their story, for a variety of reasons.

  1. Kolton and Shay had to go first. There’s a kid involved and unrequited love for them over 2 years wouldn’t have been fair to Jackson. Plus, they are the foundation of the series.
  2. Sawyer and Lily had to be next because these two needed each other desperately. Waiting much longer would have been catastrophic for both.
  3. Nico and Raven had to go last because of all their baggage. Some might say they got together too soon, but I won’t because a little pain never hurt anyone.

I was introduced to Kelly Siskind’s books on Twitter, confirming that good things can come from social media. I had my twitter phase just as My Perfect Mistake was hitting e-books everywhere. I’m so glad. My Perfect Mistake was one of my favorite books of 2016 (and Kolton? One of my favorite book boyfriends!). A Fine Mess was next and touched my heart with Siskind’s take on love between two souls that were shouldering so much alone. And, now 2017 starts off with Hooked on Trouble, a story of two people who place family above everything despite the questionable ones they grew up in.

Nico and Raven are such beautiful characters. Readers sort of knew this about Nico because his friends can’t say enough good things about him, but Raven is such a wonderful surprise. Tattooed, always dressed in black, sarcastic and sharp-tongued, Raven is outwardly the tough girl in the group. We know that she didn’t have a good start in life and found trouble wherever she could early on. But she kept her huge heart buried until Nico dug it up in Aspen and then broke it. Nico could have handled things better, but even his huge shoulders aren’t big enough to handle everything he puts on them.

Family drives Hooked on Trouble. Neither Nico nor Raven had a good upbringing. Nico has barely managed to keep his family together, while Raven wants nothing more than to find the one person in her’s that ever felt like home. When Raven’s quest to find her sister brings her and Nico back together, Siskind treats her readers to a book that is filled with the gentleness of spirit against the backdrop of homelessness, recovery, betrayal, and, most importantly, love.

And, there is so much to love about Hooked on Trouble: friendship, family, soul mates finding each other and making each other better. That moment when you realize that you’ve found the one person who you can be you with, despite all the trouble that’s come before and will come after. With her Over the Top series, Siskind gave her readers three very different couples, all struggling with different, yet every day, things that we can relate to: gentle souls wrapped up in strong packages that reach into your heart and slowly grab hold of it.

5 Stars for Hooked on Trouble. Heat level: 4

*I received this book from the author in exchange for honest feedback*

Hooked on Trouble was published in January 2017 by Hachette Book Group.

Hooked on Trouble (Over the Top #3)

You can purchase the Over the Top series here:

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A Fine Mess

Hooked on Trouble

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