Rock Star Love: Take Me Home Tonight by Erika Kelly

Rock Star Love: Take Me Home Tonight by Erika Kelly

4 Stars



     Nice addition to the Rock Star series. What I love most about this series is the overwhelming feeling of family that oozes out of every page. I get a real Black Dagger Brotherhood and any Kristen Ashley series feeling from these books.

     Take Me Home Tonight is no different, except we’re treated to more than one family. Mimi, Violet’s best friend (Violet is the heroine of book 2), is next up for love and her lucky guy is Blue Fire’s temporary keyboardist, Calix Bourbon. I loved Mimi in I Want You to Want Me for her straight talking personality and ability to love deeply. Calix entered book 2 as a stoic, alpha male type and kept up the persona through much of Take Me Home Tonight. Yet, as Mimi broke down his defenses, we came to know the deeply sensitive man who was hiding behind his fortified walls.

     Like the books before it, TMHT is rich in character development and family ties. Calix’s youngest brother died three years ago and sent his family spiraling. After his mother attempted suicide, Calix set aside his ambitions of leading a band and appointed himself his mother’s keeper. Guilt too, plays heavily into his actions as he can’t get past his feeling of responsibility for his brother’s senseless death. When Mimi pushes his way into his and his family’s lives he wants to resist her, but can’t.

     Mimi has one goal: to work for her successful father in his restaurant finance company, except he keeps pushing her away, saying she needs more experience. Desperately wanting her father’s attention, something she’s worked at her entire life, she enters a cooking competition, hoping that winning it with prove to her father she can work with him. When Calix’s father volunteers Calix to help her prepare, they’re set on a collision course to find love.

     Mimi has passion and this book is all about knocking down Calix’s walls to reveal the passion he’s hiding. Calix is a protector, striving to make things better for those he cares about and Mimi becomes one of those people, yet he’ll never put anyone ahead of his family. For Mimi, who has never come first with her father, this eventually becomes a deal breaker.

     Erika Kelly writes some gut wrenching emotional scenes. I must be a masochist because I found myself yearning for the moment when hearts get broken in her books. I suppose it’s because behind the dark side of the heartbreak is such fulfillment that it’s almost like a drug. TMHT doesn’t disappoint.

     From Manhattan to the tip of Long Island, TMHT delivers. Love, friendships (the supporting cast is like a group of your oldest friends!), the music…all of it makes for a great read, one that shouldn’t be missed.

4 stars for Take Me Home Tonight. Heat level: 4

Take Me Home Tonight was published in April 2016 by Berkley.

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Take Me Home Tonight (Rock Star Romance, #3)

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