Review Requests

Review Requests


ReadsandReviews is currently accepting review requests. Please include a link to a sample of your book, which I will read, using it to make my decision to accept/decline your request. As this is a one-person operation, I cannot accept every request, though I greatly appreciate your consideration of ReadsandReviews for your book.

Depending on the length of your book and timing of your request, there may be up to a three week turn around from the time I receive the book and publish a review. Please understand that my reviews are always honest, may be negative, but will always reflect something positive. I know how hard each author works and always try to respect that. If I cannot finish the book, I will notify you by email.

My preferred file type is MOBI. Can work with PDF or Word Documents if MOBI is not available. I am always happy to receive a book in print as well.

I enjoy reading all genres and welcome the opportunity to try something new. Please fill out the form below and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

Thanks, Sandra

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