Review of Kindle Worlds, Vampire Diaries: All This Time, by Mara Miller

Review of Kindle Worlds, Vampire Diaries: All This Time, by Mara Miller

Time travel, vampires, and love that lasts throughout time…



Summary: Damon sent Elena home in hopes of avoiding issues with the Sire Bond and so he could train Jeremy as a hunter. Elena, who is at home and frustrated because he will not answer her phone calls, decides she needs to clean her living room after Matt and Jeremy wrecked it with a junk food and video game night. When she lifts up a loose floorboard underneath the couch she finds more Gilbert journals and an old compass.
Suddenly in eighteen-sixty-four amongst Katherine Pierce and the human Salvatore brothers after she touched the compass, Elena pretends to be Katherine’s twin sister so she can survive until Emily can find a way to send her home. How exactly is Elena going to do this without changing her own timeline?

Main Characters: Elena Gilbert, Damon Salvatore, Stefan Salvatore, Katherine Pierce
Secondary Characters: Giuseppe Salvatore, Emily Bennett

All This Time, by Mara Miller is a time travel novel that takes the reader back to 1864 Mystic Falls, right on the cusp of the Battle of Mystic Falls and the Salvatore brothers’ last days as humans. Featuring Elena, Damon, Stefan, and, of course, Katherine, All This Time is a fun read, filled with romance and self-discovery. Honestly, this particular plotline could have easily played out on-screen had the shows’ writers been bold enough to think outside the box.

A full-length novel, All This Time finds Elena swept away to 1864 after stumbling across a long forgotten “Gilbert Device” shortly after the events in 4×09. (If you recall, Damon has sent Elena away in an attempt to break the sire bond.) Once in 1864, Elena quickly arranges a meeting with Emily Bennett hoping to return to her own time. Instead, Emily informs her that she can’t reverse a spell she hasn’t created yet. Elena finds herself stuck in Mystic Falls circa 1864 until then and thrust into the role of Katherine’s twin sister “recently arrived from Atlanta”. She is welcomed into the Salvatore household and soon meets the two young men she will come to love 146 years later.

Miller does a fantastic job of recreating the world of 1864. She takes the reader through familiar events seen on-screen, but this time with Elena playing an important role. Miller does this with such ease that the entire storyline in entirely plausible within the TVD universe.

With Elena already in love with Damon and convinced it has nothing to do with the sire bond, she finds affirmation as she realizes her feelings for the human Damon are no different from what she felt for his vampire alter-ego in 2010. The reader is then treated to a sweet romance as the pre-vampire Damon slowly falls in love with Elena, realizing his feelings for Katherine aren’t real, leaving her to woo Stefan without any interference. And, as Katherine is left with just the younger Salvatore to influence, she learns, with the help of her doppelgänger, that true love is never a result of compulsion and manipulation, but of truth and sincerity. While the unburdened love of Damon and Elena is refreshing considering their troubles in the future, it is the story of Katherine and Stefan that make this a stand-out novel as Katherine must overcome over 300 years of running and selfishness to find true love.

Aside from the well-plotted story, it is the details that makes All This Time special. Miller captures the essence of each character, bringing them to life in a believable way. The attention to historical detail is excellent, making this not just a time travel story but viable historical fiction as well. Truth be told, with the exception of Emily Bennett, who I felt was completely out of character, All This Time is easily one of the top five Kindle Worlds Vampire Diaries novels and one you’ll want available to read long after TVD is off the air.

The Vampire Diaries: All This Time (Kindle Worlds)

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  1. Wonderful review, Sandra! You really sell it! Mara (and her co-writer) deserve praise for a such an original and well-thought out idea. 🙂

    1. It really was an awesome/well-thought out idea, wasn’t it? Definitely one of my favorite genres (time travel is a genre, right?). I appreciate the time you took to read the review and leave such a nice comment.

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