Review of Enchanted by Lawna Mackie

Review of Enchanted by Lawna Mackie

“Magic built around them like a stormy sea, demanding release…”


By Lawna Mackie

Summary: Stumbling into the world of Enchantment brought Meeka everything she’d been searching for. Peace. Magic. A gorgeous knight in shining armor.

Kerrigan knows he should banish her from Enchantment, it’s his duty as the dragon-shifting Enforcer. But one thing stands in the way…his overwhelming desire for Meeka.

Can Kerrigan keep Meeka safe as his enemies strive to turn her into a weapon that will destroy all he is bound to protect?

Or will their passion override duty?


Enchantment, by author Lawna Mackie, delivers us to a world of magic and romance where the reader never knows what they might encounter on the next page. It’s the story of Meeka and Kerrigan, two magical people who destiny is determined to bring together despite being from different worlds. The hearts of both are carefully guarded and it will take their willingness to allow change, and love, into their lives before they can have their happily ever after.

The story starts with Meeka finding herself on the parallel dimension of Enchantment after an Earthly boat accident. She’s saved by Todd Beaver, who breaks Enchantment’s rules to bring her through the gateway between their worlds. Along for the ride is Meeka’s cat, Catz, who isn’t quite what she seems. Trouble greets Meeka almost right away as Todd’s adopted son Kerrigan finds himself faced with the obligation to send Meeka back from where she came, despite her certain death on the trip back. What follows is a whirl-wind tale of magic, fantastical creatures, gargoyle warriors, villains determined to rule the world at any cost, and smoking hot chemistry between the two leads.

Meeka and Kerrigan’s chemistry jumps off the page and actually bursts with magic. Both characters are quite likable. Kerrigan, Enchantment’s Enforcer and protector, is an alpha male to the core and easy on the eyes (just check out the gorgeous book cover). Part dragon, he is literally containing the beast inside. Meeka reflects her name, modest and introverted after growing up with neglectful parents. Arriving on Enchantment draws out the woman, sorceress, and warrior inside, proving that she is the woman for Kerrigan. The secondary characters run the gamut of interesting creatures: Todd and Paddy Beaver, Kerrigan’s adoptive parents and Enchantment’s Secret Keepers, Catz, the Lemren shape-shifter sent to protect Meeka, Stryker, a gargoyle warrior who can take human form and Kerrigan’s second in command, and the two villains, Thalius and Jager, certainly two of the most vile villains ever encountered. This is a book that has it all: romance, suspense, mysterious parentage, and magic.

Yet, fantasy writing requires quite a few demands from its author. There’s world building and the introduction of new creatures, plot and character development, all done while making the story believable. Ms. Mackie almost does it, but in the end Enchantment falls short. Her writing style, though at times beautifully descriptive, is plagued by dialogue formatting issues, which interrupts the flow of what would otherwise be an easy read. While Kerrigan and Meeka are amazing together, there is very little to support their growth from strangers to lovers. And somewhere along the way it seems as though Enchantment forgot what type of book it wanted to be.

There are many children’s fantasy elements to this story. We meet Kerrigan’s pet, Threeo, a hipodogwl who is a combination hippo, dog, and owl. Threeo, like all creatures of Enchantment, can speak English, but does so in a childlike manner. Enchantment has seven moons and seven suns and each day the sky is a different color. For entertainment, the citizens of Enchantment go “funny fishing” where they use berries as bait and catch fish who reward you with kisses. Magic is used literally for everything, from magical shower brushes that clean you, to clothes that tie themselves on you, and beds that flow down a river and return to their starting point. All of these are delightful elements, but seem out-of-place in an adult novel.

And make no mistake, this is an adult novel. Both villains take part in graphic, otherworldly, sexual encounters. As mentioned earlier, the chemistry between Meeka and Kerrigan is off the charts and there are some lovely scenes between the two, but what begins as a sensual love scene is interrupted by coarse sex language. I found these to be contradictory to both the sensuality and childlike elements found throughout the book.

Finally, despite Enchantment being a dimension parallel to Earth bursting with magic, Ms. Mackie doesn’t quite commit to leaving Earth behind. The language used by the citizens of Enchantment is as American as apple pie, the citizens wear jeans and t-shirts, and the showers, kitchen, and food are as similar as what you’d find anywhere in America.

*I received this book in exchange for an honest review*

Rating:  2 1/2 stars



2 thoughts on “Review of Enchanted by Lawna Mackie

  1. Great break down, as always. Your keen focus on genre in here is fully appropriate I think. I like a genre bender as much as the next girl, but sometimes you get oil and water instead of a smoothly, you know? One typo: world wind should be whirl wind. Thanks for going boldly and checking out books for the rest of us!

    1. Thanks for the heads up on the word usage. As always, I appreciate you taking the time to check out my reviews, do such an awesome job of honing in on the key points of the review, and, of course, having my back on errors!!

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