Review: Liberty Awakened by Alicia Dean

Review: Liberty Awakened by Alicia Dean

liberty awakened    Liberty Awakened is the first in a new series by best-selling author Alicia Dean. This is a fun adventure through French Polynesia where vampires rule the island with only a famed Van Helsing hunter to keep them in check. Along comes the innocent and lovely Liberty, who learns of her heritage and her destiny to hunt and kill vampires.

We meet Oklahoma native Liberty Delacort shortly after her high school graduation. She appears to be a typical eighteen-year old with a long-term boyfriend and best friend she’s known since grade school. That changes in an instant following a betrayal that cuts Liberty deeply, driving her to follow a path she didn’t even know existed, but one that holds her destiny in its hands.

After receiving a package with information on a father she thought long dead, Liberty finds herself traveling to the island of Sang Croc in French Polynesia. There she meets her father and the destiny promised in the mysterious package, tumbling head first into danger, romance, and vampires.

This was definitely an entertaining read, with vampires living on a tropical island, lush island locales, a father famous in vampire circles, and the discovery that-surprise!-Liberty has vampire hunter blood running through her veins. Liberty is a delightful, if not naïve, heroine who finds herself caught up in the danger the island offers and, naturally, a love triangle complete with sexy Australian and brooding vampire. While I liked Liberty, she begins the book as a bit of a cliché character, but by the end she really comes into her own, emerging as a strong heroine with insecurities that any of us can relate to.

Dean is a prolific writer of romantic suspense and paranormal romance, but this is the first of her books I’ve read outside of the Kindle Worlds program where she’s published, among others, two Vampire Diaries novellas. Her writing style is quick and to the point and just a bit predictable, but her characters whether vampire or human are lively, quick-witted, typically good to look at and always up for a good adventure. I look forward to reading more of Liberty’s adventures in Liberty Divided, book 2 of The Isle of Fangs series.








14 thoughts on “Review: Liberty Awakened by Alicia Dean

  1. Thank you so much for the review. I’m so glad you felt that Liberty grew in the story. That was my intent. 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed it and I hope you enjoy future installments.

    1. Thanks, M. J.! Definitely give it a bump up. You won’t regret it. I see you’re a romance author (my favorite type, shh, don’t tell 🙂 ). I will have to check out your books!

  2. I don’t typically go in for vampire stories, but I love Alicia Dean’s writing, so checked this one out, and I was immediately sucked in…drat her! 🙂 It has just the right amount of romance for the characters and genre. The second book is great too!

  3. Thanks all, for the wonderful comments. And for the entertainment, (Vampires drinking pina coladas, I have a way of ‘sucking’ you in…cute!) Sandra has a great knack for writing reviews, and I love that she mentions the negatives, too. I appreciate the support.

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