Review & Excerpt: Kelly Siskind’s Legs

Review & Excerpt: Kelly Siskind’s Legs

Title: Legs Series: One Wild Wish #1 Author: Kelly Siskind Genre: RomCom Published: September 27, 2017

On Rachel’s twenty-seventh birthday, she wishes to finally find a rewarding job. What she doesn’t wish is to drink a boatload of wine, sleep with a tattooed bad boy, and drunk email her boss in one glorious, career-ending move. But the fiasco pushes her to pursue a career inspired by her late father’s love of wine: sommelier.

Unfortunately, she’s competing against her infuriating one-night stand, a man as intoxicating as a Pinot Noir.

Two years ago, Jimmy was set to inherit his family winery. Then it got ripped from his grasp. To close that dark chapter of his life, he plans to win a local sommelier contest and use the press to expose his family’s tainted wines.

Jimmy loves studying the streaks of alcohol that cling to a wineglass, known as the wine’s “legs,” but other shapely legs are stealing his focus. Tantalizing legs. Legs that had wrapped around his waist for one wild night. Jimmy, sadly, has a weakness for legs.

He also hates to lose.





Last year’s Over the Top series from Kelly Siskind was one of my favorites, Kolton and Shay from My Perfect Mistake a couple that stole my heart, but I believe Siskind may have out did herself with Legs. Billed as “romantic comedy” Legs is so much more with unexpected depth and characters that touch your heart.

Plus, there’s wine.

Legs starts as a fairly typical bad boy/good girl romance. Jimmy is all tattoos and messy hair with a few well-placed piercings. Rachel wears conservative clothing and makes sure her pens are lined up just right. He’s a bartender that makes sure his one-night stands have a good time. She reviews for exams while having sex and has flitted from job to job since graduating from college. He hates his family. She’ll do anything for hers. Talk about opposites attracting.


Deep down, Rachel and Jimmy are searching for the same thing. At the same time, they both need someone who will challenge them, give them the thing they didn’t know they needed. I loved the dichotomy between these two characters, one who knows exactly who he is, the other pretending to be anyone but who she is deep down, yet both are lost.

Rachel is another of Kelly Siskind’s fantastic heroines. I could easily relate to her as a daughter who wants to make her parents happy and as a person who is searching for her place in the world. Even her awkwardness with dating and sex felt familiar. She’s also funny and knows her wine. Jimmy just bowled me over. First, he enters the book with maybe the best physical description ever. I was swooning in my seat. Think Jax Teller with Jon Snow’s hair. I was screaming “WHY???” along with Rachel’s friends when she sent him packing following an offer to buy her a drink. But, it’s what’s underneath that really drew me to Jimmy. Below the surface, Jimmy is heartbroken. In one fell swoop he lost his family and the woman he loved. He lost his identity, despite finding a way to express himself outwardly.

Let’s talk about wine for a second…

It’s wine that draws these two together, even more than their combustible attraction. Siskind clearly did her research on viticulture and wine tasting. There were moments that I actually could taste the wine on my tongue, images of berries and oak barrels floating through my mind. I’m more of a red wine fan and usually don’t drink Chardonnay, but seriously considered giving it one more try just based on Siskind’s descriptions.

But, back to Rachel and Jimmy…

Through flirty banter, incredible sex, and deep love for wine, they find their way into each other’s hearts. They had me laughing one minute, my heart wrenching the next. I absolutely love a book that dishes out angst by the spoonful, making me feel everything. Legs does this and more. And, while this is a romance first and foremost, there’s a wonderful story about family entrenched in Legs that I adored. This really takes Siskind to the next level in her writing and I cannot wait for book two, Stud, in this new series of hers!

4.5 Stars for Legs. Heat level: 4

I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for honest feedback.

Legs was published in September 2017 by CD Books.

Legs (One Wild Wish, #1)







Rachel settled onto the stool beside me, her spine ramrod straight. She tucked her elbows to her sides. Not exactly relaxed.

A drink could help. “What’s your poison?”

“Apparently dangerous men I don’t know, but I’ll have a glass of the Lynmar Pinot.”

I could do dangerous. “If I’m your poison after two minutes, imagine how you’ll feel in a few hours.” That earned me a long swallow from her. “She’ll have the Foursight,” I added to Cameron. It was sweet how confident she was ordering that wine, but her lips would taste so much better after a sip from my glass.

She shot me a look, her freckles sharp against her reddening cheeks. “Pretty sure I can order for myself, and I’d like the Lynmar.”

“You don’t want the Lynmar. 2011 was a brutal year. Trust me.” No need to bore her about the early rains that season and the lack of fruit.

“Actually I do want the Lynmar.”

Cameron moved to grab the bottle, but I held up my hand. He halted.

To her, I said, “I’ve been sipping the Foursight since I got here. You telling me you don’t want a taste?”

Her attention dropped to my lips again, and she grazed her teeth over hers. Fire sparked in her brown eyes. “I may want a taste of that wine. Later. For now I want the Lynmar.”

“It’s inferior.”

“It’s splendid.”

“The season was crap.”

“The season was hard, not crap.”

“The Foursight is a sure thing,” I said. She must have seen the heat in my gaze.

“I like the underdog,” she countered, a sultry note to her voice. “Finding a diamond in the rough. The vines that survived 2011 were stronger, and a few vintages shone. Like the Lynmar. Hints of spice. Creamy mouthfeel.” A quiet hum passed her lips.

Okay. The girl knew her wine, and my attraction to her spiked. With the haunts I’d been frequenting, and my bartending gig at Rudy’s Tavern, I hadn’t been around a woman like her in ages. No visible ink, her outfit more conservative than racy. Her straight brown hair would look sexy as hell tangled in my fist. “You sure you don’t want to skip to the mouthfeel part?”

She smiled freely, the first hint of her letting loose. “I’m still not sure how bitter the aftertaste will be.”

My answering grin was just as carefree. “I know how to make it sweet, Sunshine.”

She barely reacted, but her nostrils flared. “Then get me a glass of the Lynmar.”

“You’ll regret it.”

“I’m already regretting walking in here.”

I chuckled, unsure the last time flirting had been this much fun. “How about a bet?”

“I don’t bet with strangers.”

“But you have drinks with them?”

She paused. “What sort of bet?”

Between her rejection at Vesper and her stiff posture now, sitting beside me was probably pushing her beyond her limits. Limits I wanted to test. The women I’d messed around with weren’t tough to reel in. We were always after the same thing: a fun night between the sheets. The girl at my side was tipsy, but not so drunk she didn’t know what she was after. Something told me if I could unlace her, it would be lightyears beyond fun.

“You do a blind tasting of the Foursight and the Lynmar,” I said. “If you can’t tell them apart, then I buy you a glass of my choosing, and I get to taste it on your lips. At my place.”

“That escalated fast.” So did her breathing.

“Did you want this to go slow?”

Instead of turning me down, she said, “If I win…if I guess each wine, what do I get?”

“You tell me.”

“A winery?”

I barked out a laugh, but there was nothing funny about her joke. Two years ago, I’d have been able to ante up. “Might be out of my budget. Anything else?”

She looked at me through lowered lashes. “My place.”

Now we were getting somewhere.



Kelly is the author of CHASING CRAZY, MY PERFECT MISTAKE, A FINE MESS, and HOOKED ON TROUBLE, the latter three being part of her Over the Top series. A small-town girl at heart, she moved from the city to open a cheese shop with her husband in northern Ontario. When she’s not neck deep in cheese or out hiking, you can find her, notepad in hand, scribbling down one of the many plot bunnies bouncing around in her head. She’s also an incurable romantic, devouring romance novels into the wee hours of the morning.

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