Review: Delaney Foster’s The Perfect Gentleman

Review: Delaney Foster’s The Perfect Gentleman


For Nathan Alexander it’s not an option. It’s a way of life.

As an attorney he defends the defenseless. But, when the suit comes off and the gloves go on, he finds his passion is teaching others to defend themselves. His life was purposefully methodical. Completely under control. Just the way he likes it. Until Emma McClain stumbles into his gym. Battered. Broken. And utterly breathtaking.

After his last relationship, Alex swore he’d never give another woman the power to hurt him. But with her unforgettable smile and killer legs, Emma has him fighting for control.

Will he be able to save her before it’s too late? Or will an unexpected revelation cost them both the ultimate price?

**Author’s note: Contains intense and emotional depictions of abuse. Please do not read lightly.**


Let’s just start with the cover of The Perfect Gentleman. Holy Porn Arm. Between the tattoos and those veins, I had a tough time starting the book because I didn’t want to turn the page. Here’s another look:

Okay, now that that’s out of the way…

The Perfect Gentleman has an amazing start. The first 50% of the book had me on the edge of my seat. Delaney Foster pulled me right into the anxiety that Emma was feeling as she began dealing with the emotionally abusive life she was living with boyfriend, Bastain. I felt scared when she felt scared. I wanted her to run, but understood why she didn’t as guilt is a powerful force. When she meets Alex I it was easy to see why his charm would pull her in, making her feel safe.

So, I loved the build-up and the edge of your seat tension. When it finally hits its peak with Bastian’s unforgivable action, I was ready for… something. A broken Emma, consoled by Alex. Maybe Emma hiding out, scared, but safe in Alex’s arms. Instead, she and Alex go out to lunch. They flirt. They take a bath. It was the oddest thing and lacking in the drama I expected. After all that buildup and suspense, the story seemed to have a bit of an identity crisis, switching to a sweet romance with periodic threats from Bastain that really have no impact until the end.

Don’t get me wrong, the romance is sweet! Alex and Emma are flirty and cute and they made me smile. The sex is hot but not in your face. They fall into their relationship easily but Emma still works to establish her independence rather than moving from one man’s house to another’s. But, I didn’t feel as if I really got to know them, especially Alex.

What I really would have loved was a few more pages. At just 200, there’s little time to develop both the romance and the suspense with well-rounded characters.

3.5 stars for The Perfect Gentleman. Heat level: 3.5

I received a copy of this book from InkSlingerPR in exchange for honest feedback.

The Perfect Gentleman was published in September 2017 by Amazon Digital Services.

The Perfect Gentleman

Title: The Perfect Gentleman

Author: Delaney Foster

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Cover designer: Kovers by Kari

Model: Dusty Griffin

Photographer: Furious Fotog





About the Author:

Delaney Foster is a Louisiana native, not far from New Orleans, where eating, drinking, and dancing are pretty much a requirement for citizenship. She loves all things romance, a good glass of wine, and Saturdays at the baseball park. She definitely believes leggings are pants and is a bit of a book whore. It all started with Jane Austen and her Darcy and has evolved to the likes of Ella Frank, Mia Sheridan, and Colleen Hoover. Just to name a few. In her love stories you will find sexy, alpha males and the strong women who love them.

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