Review: Bedroom Hymns by Morgan Reeves

Review: Bedroom Hymns by Morgan Reeves

They took me, broke me, remade me in their image. I am branded by their twisted ambitions; martyred by their greed. They ground me down until I was everything they wanted and more, and at the end I thanked them for it.

Jackson. Dominic. Cole.

They forced me to love them, and then they cast me aside like yesterday’s trash. But they taught me to be the best. So that’s exactly what they’ll get.

Because in the end…

Revenge is sweeter than love.

And they’ll never see me coming.



At just 195 pages, Bedroom Hymns from Morgan Reeves is laden with unfulfilled potential. I went in with high hopes for a dark, psychological romance. While Bedroom Hymns did keep me on my toes and introduced a fascinating character in Sophia, it just never reached down and grabbed me.

Sophia is stolen off the streets and purchased by Cole, Dominic, and Jackson. The three men run a successful prostitution ring, buying their girls from human traffickers and training them to be high quality sex slaves. When she ends up in their house for her “training” all three men find themselves drawn to her in ways they’ve never experienced. Jackson is the good, old boy who likes his sex fairly traditional and makes Sophia crave him. Dominic is sweet and caring and gets off by using knives in the bedroom, leading Sophia to recognize how much she loves pain. Cole… I don’t really know what Cole is and that’s where the disconnect started for me with Bedroom Hymns.

The story is told mostly from Sophia’s first person POV, but occasionally drifts to one of the men. Cole starts the book with a visceral reaction to Sophia when he first meets her. This insight into the cold, dangerous Cole is all we really see beyond the cruel, calculating man he shows the world. I was actually saddened by this because I wanted to know more about Cole and his background as a sex slave. I was desperate to know what drove him. Why it was Sophia that finally broke through his wall that he kept firmly in place. Why she loved him as much as she hated him.

We get the same ambiguous snap shots of Jackson and Dominic but, quite frankly, they didn’t seem as important to the story for me. When I turned the last page of Bedroom Hymns, I realized that this was actually a big deal because I had clearly not followed the path that author Reeves had intended. I think this happened for me because there’s a whole part of the story that’s not told between Sophia yielding to her captors and her being their “queen”.

Sophia was a decent anti-heroine. Reeves does a good job of portraying a woman who has risen from the ashes of a crappy life. She’s easy to relate to and, quite frankly, I’d hope that I’d have her strength if I were in her situation. I loved the internal battle she fought as the men pushed her to accept her deviant sexual nature as it felt honest.

If you picked up Bedroom Hymns for the erotica, I do think you’ll be satisfied (ha, pun intended!). Reeves wrote some wicked hot scenes that left me a bit breathless. Be warned that these scenes are NOT for the faint of heart and can easily be triggers.

2.75 stars for Bedroom Hymns. Heat level: 5

I received a copy of this book from InkSlingerPR.

Bedroom Hymns was published in October 2017 by the author.

Bedroom Hymns








Morgan Reeves is the author of the Never Ever After series. When she isn’t writing, Morgan chases around two energetic minions and tries to convince her loving husband that a miniature pig would make a great pet. She is also extremely fond of iced tea and hot coffee. You can find her books on all major retail sites, and she always loves to hear from readers so feel free to send her a message through Facebook at Morgan currently lives in Raleigh, NC.
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