Reads & Reviews Quoted in USA Today’s Kindle Love Stories Blog

Reads & Reviews Quoted in USA Today’s Kindle Love Stories Blog

There’s really nothing like seeing words you’ve written quoted in a big-time newspaper. Even if the quote was credited to “one reviewer”. And, technically, the review is from my Amazon review of the Desperate Love trilogy from the amazing Michelle Hazen, specifically the Love Thy Enemy, the 2nd book in the series. And, it’s online. But, it’s MY review. Gotta start somewhere.

From USA Today:

The Vampire Diaries: Love Thy Enemy (Kindle Worlds, Desperate Love Trilogy, Book 2) by Michelle Hazen ($1.99)

Michelle Hazen’s Desperate Love trilogy reimagines season four of The Vampire Diaries, writing it the way the fans would have written it. As one reviewer wrote, “All the main characters that we know and love are there, just ten times funnier, sexier and willing to do what it takes to protect those they love.” See where Michelle takes the story as the Gilberts struggle to maintain a tenuous balance!


Now that I’ve finished tooting my own horn there’s a couple of things that should be noted. The Desperate Love trilogy is a very genre specific series. It’s not just vampires, it’s Vampire Diaries. Yet, USA Today thought it was such a great romance series that they featured it on a list of mainstream romance novels sold on Amazon. If that doesn’t convince you that Hazen’s TVD books are stand alone books, I don’t know what does. I even mentioned that in my review of the first book in her newest TVD trilogy, Trust in Darkness (check out that review here).

You can read the USA Today blog here.



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