One Big Happy Family: A Review of Losing Kyler by Siobhan Davis

One Big Happy Family: A Review of Losing Kyler by Siobhan Davis

3 Stars

Siobhan Davis puts the “rama” in drama with this second installment of the Kennedy Boys. One gorgeous female cousin thrown into a house full of hot and sexy boys? Check. Incestuous relationships (yes, that’s plural)? You betcha. Infidelity? No problem. Crazy ex-girlfriends? Of course. Serial killer? Wouldn’t be drama without one. Parties with alcohol and underage sex? All the time. Rape accusations? Yep. Questionable parenting? Let’s play who’s your daddy.

Losing Kyler picks up right where Finding Kyler ended in a way that you HAVE to read FK before even thinking about LK. Kyler and Faye have just had some devastating news dropped on them and their world is turned up. side. down. Davis takes a huge risk with this revelation, and it was hard for me to push through it. But, push through it I did and the story ends up being a lot of fun, never knowing what could possibly be on the next page.

As with FK, I love the Kennedy family. The potential for storytelling is huge with this cast of characters and I want to know each and every story. Davis does a good job of distinguishing between all the boys so they aren’t carbon copies of each other. Mom and Pop Kennedy provide their own share of drama as well, making this family dysfunctional royalty.

So, why 3 stars? Well, there’s just a little too much drama and its execution is very weak at times. The reveal at the beginning was forced and as it provides conflict for at least 50% of the book, it left me dubious about why it even had to exist. Ky’s manipulative ex-girlfriend provided enough drama to keep the whole series going, so I would’ve much rather that be the main conflict. There are other dramatic moments that felt unnecessary and they’re big enough to base an entire book on.

But, you know what? I couldn’t look away. Davis has made me care about these characters, so I’ll keep reading. 3 Stars for Losing Kyler. Heat level: 3.5

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I was provided an ARC of Losing Kyler in exchange for honest feedback.

Losing Kyler releases on March 27, 2017

Losing Kyler (The Kennedy Boys Book 2)
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