My Rating System Explained

My Rating System Explained


5 Stars: I loved it!

Which means: Not only do I think it was perfectly balanced, I loved the characterizations, the story, it made me think (and think and think), and I’ll definitely read it again.

4 Stars: I really liked it!

Which means: I loved the characters and the story but there was some element that fell short. Might read it again.

3 Stars: I liked it.

Which means: This was a good book, mostly well-written, and worth my time. There were some elements that I didn’t like. Probably won’t read it again.

2 Stars: It was okay.

Which means: The book was okay but had a lot of things that fell short: characters, plot, pacing.

1 Star: I didn’t like it at all.

Which means: I leave the one star for books that I didn’t finish

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