Kindle Worlds Review: Sounds of Tomorrow by C.L. Marlene

Kindle Worlds Review: Sounds of Tomorrow by C.L. Marlene

*Originally published on October 2, 2013*


By C.L. Marlene

  Summary:  The tassels have been turned, the choice made. Villains have been put down and the veil is back up. The only question that remains is what happens tomorrow? Damon ponders just that while taking us through the remainder of Mystic Falls Graduation night, listening as the quiet of what was once a lonely house transforms into the sounds of a new kind of home. One for a family he never dared to hope for.

Main Characters:  Damon Salvatore, Elena Gilbert, Jeremy Gilbert

Secondary Character:  Katherine Pierce


C.L. Marlene is one of those writers that wraps the reader up in what she’s written.  You get so involved, that when you reach the end, it’s like waking up from a nap and not knowing where you are because your mind thinks you should be with her, in her story.  Having read many of her fan fiction stories, I knew that The Sounds of Tomorrow wouldn’t be any different. I was jumping for joy when I found out that Marlene had published The Sounds of Tomorrow.

The Kindle Worlds program was almost a month old at this point and I had muddled through some disappointing Vampire Diaries stories.  I’d spent time and money on eBooks that were poorly written, poorly edited and not even close to resembling the characters or world of The Vampire Diaries.  Finally, withThe Sounds of Tomorrow, I had a story in hand that didn’t make me want to throw my Kindle at Amazon, Alloy Entertainment and Warner Brothers. This is a beautiful, fun, sexy story purely focused on Damon and Elena with a bit of Jeremy to complete the family dynamic.  The story is told completely from Damon’s point of view and if you know Damon, then you know that this means 54 pages of pure Damon snarkiness, which honestly I would have been perfectly happy with.  I could listen to Damon’s thoughts all day long and not get bored.

But, in addition to the snarkiness, you get the voice of a man who has just gotten the girl. Any fan of The Vampire Diaries knows how long Damon has loved Elena.  That she finally admitted, without the ridiculous sire bond hanging over their heads, that she loved him despite everything, Damon finally finds himself happy after 170 years.  That Marlene is able to capture that change in his inner monologue without compromising his character is a sign of an excellent writer. Another thing that Marlene does well is capture the pure sexiness of Damon and Elena.  She really pushes the envelope of Amazon’s ridiculous PG-13 only rating, and the reader is treated to some delightfully sexy, loving scenes between the two, that in my opinion are long overdue.  Throw in the sibling affection between the newly risen-from-the-dead Jeremy and Elena and you have a novella that you’ll want to read over and over.

My Favorite Part:  Shower scene.  Read it, you’ll agree

Least Favorite Part:  Damon throwing out an entire plate of chocolate chip pancakes. Who does that?

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