Kindle Worlds Review: Secret of the Statue by Lea Klock

Kindle Worlds Review: Secret of the Statue by Lea Klock


By Lea Klock

secret of the statue

Summary: Esther comes back from the dead to give her son Klaus a message from his werewolf father – that an ancient, hidden ring possesses the only force standing between Mystic Falls and the dead who seek to destroy it. As bloodthirsty spirits begin pushing into the physical world, enemies must join forces to stop a power even greater than themselves from killing everyone they love.
The Vampire Diaries: Secret of the Statue tells the story of the medieval affair that sparked a war, and today’s desperate pursuit to end it.

Main Characters: Klaus Mikaelson, Esther Mikaelson, Bonnie Bennett

Secondary Characters: Damon & Stefan Salvatore, Elijah & Rebekah Mikaelson, Ayana, Caroline Forbes, Elena Gilbert, Mikael Mikaelson

Original Character: Nituam


The Secret of the Statue, a short story by Lea Klock, starts off with a compelling prologue as the narrator observes the quietness of Mystic Falls.  Things have been calm; the supernatural beings have not had to spend every waking moment looking over their shoulder, waiting for the next threat. Her words pull the reader right in.

The quiet is short-lived as our favorite citizens of Mystic Falls have that peace yanked away from them, if only for a short while.  It begins with the Mikaelsons’ mother, Esther, who arrives with a warning for Klaus, letting him know his bio dad is looking for him.  The Original Witch, whose dialect speaks more to someone of the 21st century versus the 10th century, informs Klaus that a ring his father, Nituam, made for her a thousand years ago, was now  being used as a talisman by those pesky beings on the other side to break through the veil. Again. What follows is a tense scene between mother and son, reminiscent of what we’ve seen previously on The Vampire Diaries, which brings Klaus to life on her pages.

As I started this short story, I was really excited, because I’d yet to read any fan fiction story about Klaus’s werewolf father. We learn much of how Esther and Nituam fell in love through interesting flashbacks detailing their relationship and how Papa Mikaelson terrorized his family.

Yet, to say the ghost plotline is overused is an understatement. Give one of them a blank journal and we’ve got enough material for the Ghost Diaries.  That Klock gives this version a little twist using Klaus’s father is great, but sadly the plot never really fleshes out.  Without getting all spoilery, I’ll say that everyone ends up safe and sound and Klaus even gets a meeting with dear old dad before Pop fades to black.

Klock’s writing isn’t bad.  There aren’t any cringe-worthy grammar errors, the story is written well enough that the reader stays involved, but I wish she’d spent more time working on the details.  The timeline is very screwy.  Elena’s a vampire, who, according to Damon is the newest of all newbie vampires, yet she’s already killed Connor the vampire slayer and Kol and his line of vampires are on the not-so-other side. In canon, Klaus’s father was the Alpha for his powerful werewolf pack, yet, in Secret of the Statue, Nituam hasn’t even become a werewolf because he doesn’t want to kill anyone, which makes me think Esther was mistaken and Mikael is really Klaus’s dad because he was as homicidal as Klaus.

The characters are pretty much true to form.  I especially enjoyed Klock’s portrayal of Damon, as she kept his snarky, sarcastic personality in play.  Bonnie plays a big role, as Klaus engages her to find the ring and Klock describes Bonnie’s “witchy” face so perfectly, I had to laugh.  There is nice interaction between the Mikaelson siblings and Caroline makes a short appearance to tell Klaus to get lost, which is fairly cliché, but Klock handled it well.  Klaus was in character up until the last few pages when he started doing weird things like a victory lap around the statue while yelling “the crowd goes wild”.

Oops Factor

  • Esther BFF Ayana is referred to throughout the book as Iona.
  • There are references to multiple people being tortured in Klaus’s mansion.  In canon we’ve only seen Damon tortured and that was by Rebekah.
  • A flashback scene claims that the Mikaelsons arrived in the new world ‘almost a thousand years before Elena Gilbert was born.’ The Mikaelsons would have arrived more than a thousand years before as Klaus isn’t born until years after they arrive and he’s been a vampire for a thousand years.
  • Klock blames both Salvatores for the death of Mason Lockwood.  Damon was the only brother involved in that as Stefan is stuck in a well of vervain looking for the moonstone. If blame lies anywhere else, it’s with Bonnie, who helped capture Mason and Jeremy who took part in the torture (though not the actual killing, he left before that happened).
  • Alaric’s nickname is spelled Ric, not Rick. (There’s no K at the end of Alaric, see the connection?).

**Interesting tidbit, an anagram for Nituam is manitu, which is a Native American spirit or deity that controls nature.**

Favorite Part:  Initial interaction between Esther and Klaus

Least Favorite Part: Klaus doing his victory lap around the statue.

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