Kindle Worlds Review: Resonance of Reality by C.L. Marlene

Kindle Worlds Review: Resonance of Reality by C.L. Marlene


By C. L. Marlene

resonance of reality

Summary:  Summer after Mystic Falls Graduation is coming to a rapid end and with only few lazy days left, things are about to change in the boarding house. It’s time for school to start for both Jeremy and Elena, and Damon is desperate to keep his new family together. Can an impromptu boy’s night be the answer to all his worries, or will he once again have to get used to the silence that reverberates through the house when Elena is not there? Either way, before he contemplates having to say goodbye, first he must say Happy Birthday.

Main Characters:  Damon Salvatore, Elena Gilbert

Secondary Character:  Jeremy Gilbert


Ever have one of those weeks (months?) where everything just goes to hell in a hand basket and nothing cheers you up, except maybe watching your least favorite one-eyed character get skewered? Yep, I’ve had that kind of miserable week.  That’s when I decided to turn to C. L. Marlene and this absolutely delightful short story, Resonance of Reality.

I read this ages ago when it was still on and again right after Marlene published it on Kindle Worlds.  I just finished what is, at least, my third reading, and this wonderful little snippet never, ever fails to put a smile on my face.

There aren’t too many authors who write Damon and Elena as well as Marlene does.  In Resonance of Reality, Marlene again captures the essence of who these two characters are as a couple, which is truly where her talent lays.  We revel in Damon’s snarky sexiness and unimaginable love for Elena. We see Elena exactly as she should be: fun, flirty and just tough enough to love Damon exactly as he deserves. And if that isn’t enough to keep the reader interested, Marlene pretty much nails down every other character she writes.  Jeremy Gilbert has just a few paragraphs in this short story and he literally JUMPS off the page, his pouty, petulant teenage self just as perfect as can be.  But C. L. Marlene shines when she’s writing Damon and Elena in love, whether they know it or not.

Resonance of Reality, which is told from Damon’s sarcastic, snarky, and at times, pouty point of view, picks up shortly before the end of summer after the climatic events of season four.  Elena is preparing to head off to college, leaving both Damon and Jeremy behind.  No one is happy with the arrangement, yet, they seemingly avoid serious discussion about how to solve the issue therefore making everyone unhappy. Instead, we have Damon attempting to persuade Elena to stay using various Damon-esque techniques (send me a message if you need me to spell that out for you), Elena struggling between leaving her boys behind while wanting to experience the next chapter of her life, and Jeremy, who, until the night before the story begins, has been completely silent on the subject.

The plot takes off quickly and is told in three parts: Regret, Repentance, and Revelation. Regret opens with a very hung-over vampire trying desperately to get back into his girl’s good graces.  Damon trying to charm his way out of a mess he unintentionally created is hilarious, despite Elena’s justifiable lack of mercy.

The dialogue is so sharp and witty you can easily see it unfolding on your TV screen. Repentance begins with a prickly little exchange between the couple regarding Elena’s hunger and ends with a sexy scene that leaves the reader breathless. And ladies and gentlemen, this is where C. L. Marlene truly stands out among her peers.

Honestly, anyone can write a smutty, lemony scene. Some can do it well, others make you cringe.  Marlene has written some very sexy, detailed love scenes that you won’t find here at Kindle Worlds because it’s just not allowed.  Guess what? It.  Doesn’t. Matter. This author has such talent that she leaves you completely sated despite the fact that this amazingly sensual scene is based around Damon’s explanation as to why Elena cannot drive his car. No clothes come off, no sex is had on-screen, heck, Damon never goes off-topic; it’s just pure and simple seduction in the words of a talented author.  All she needs is a whispered remark here, a slight move of a knee there and you are putty in Damon’s hands.  If you’re an author struggling with how to write sensual, sexy scenes in a PG-13 world, you need to read everything C. L. Marlene has published on Kindle Worlds.

This wonderful short story wraps up in Revelation, which is a pure and simple smack to the forehead, an “I should have had a V-8” moment that you wish the Thursday night writers had experienced.  I know its Christmas time and you shouldn’t be spending money on yourself, but this will be the best 99 cents you spend all month.

Oops Factor

  • This one is questionable.  Jeremy punches Damon with his left hand, which apparently is the hand the Gilbert ring resides on, or at least did. The last time we saw the ring, about two weeks prior to this story, Matt had the ring.  Did he return it to Jeremy before leaving for Europe? Prior to his death, Jeremy’s ring didn’t work because he was a supernatural being.  Has his resurrection changed that, justifying Jeremy wearing it again? If so, how do we know?  This is definitely a gray area, which is why I consider it a questionable “oops”.

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