Kindle Worlds Review: New Beginnings by Sommer Butler

Kindle Worlds Review: New Beginnings by Sommer Butler

*Originally published on October 16, 2013*


By Sommer Butler

new beginnings


Summary:  Caroline Forbes has finished college and spent the past few years touring the United States. Ready for a change, she decides Paris, France should be her next destination. Little does she know Klaus is also residing there, whom she hasn’t spoken to since the night of her high school graduation.

What happens when she learns the real reason he left Mystic Falls ten years ago? Will it bring them closer together, or drive them further apart?

Main Characters:  Klaus Mikaelson, Caroline Forbes

Secondary Character(s): Rebekah Mikaelson, Tyler Lockwood

Original Character(s):  Henrik Mikaelson


“It’s quite simple actually, Hayley submitted and Tyler wouldn’t”.  Klaus Mikaelson to Caroline Forbes in New Beginnings.

Sommer Butler answers the question that I’ve asked myself thousands of times.  Why did Klaus sleep with Hayley and protect her after the part she played in un-siring his hybrids, yet he killed Tyler’s mother and vowed to hunt him to the ends of the earth?**  Clearly I missed the implication, but Butler caught it and uses it well when the moment of truth between Klaus and Caroline inevitably occurs.  Many other examples of her insight shine through in this delightful short story.

I read this sweet, little romance while sitting in the Atlanta airport, waiting on my ride to Florida, no doubt with a smile on my face the entire time.  Butler has a fantastic understanding of the characters as I found them easily recognizable despite ten years having passed since Caroline’s graduation night and her last meeting with Klaus.  She easily weaves in the subtle changes that have touched each one, most especially Klaus, who has settled into the role of father.  His priorities have changed and Butler shows us a man who has continued to grow in character starting from when he fell in love with Caroline and blossoming with the raising of his son.

Caroline has matured as well, much more confident while venturing out on her own and moving to Paris.  Yet, we get a glimpse of the girl we first met back in Mystic Falls, depicted perfectly during a phone conversation with Tyler.  Butler paints such an accurate portrait of Caroline in that moment that I could have just as easily been watching a scene of TVD.

The author gives her readers a great gift with New Beginnings.  The story is well written, with a few grammatical errors that are noticeable, but don’t take away from the reader’s enjoyment.  There’s one continuity slip-up as the color of Henrik’s eyes begin the story blue and change to brown.  The only disappointing part of this story is that it’s too short.  I believe that Butler could have easily fleshed this out, adding more detail to the scenes she wrote.


Favorite Part:  Caroline and Henrik’s “meet-cute”.

Least Favorite Part:  That Caroline isn’t Henrik’s mom.





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