Kindle Worlds Review: Caroline & Klaus’s Night Out by Olivia Wilmer

Kindle Worlds Review: Caroline & Klaus’s Night Out by Olivia Wilmer

*Originally published on October 8, 2013*


By Olivia Wilmer

klaus and caroline

Summary: Intrigued and finding herself inexplicably attracted to the evil werewolf/vampire hybrid Klaus, Caroline agrees to go on a date with him against her better judgment. He arranges a romantic Italian dinner date in the woods and she learns that Klaus may not actually be playing games with her like she thought. Will she end up giving in to his physical advances?

Main Characters:  Caroline Forbes, Klaus Mikaelson

Secondary Characters:  Stefan Salvatore, Elena Gilbert


Caroline and Klaus’s Night Out, by Olivia Wilmer, is a novella featuring a date between the two main characters as they attempt to get to know one another.  Wilmer isn’t a bad writer.  Her writing is very clean, though simple.  My issue with this story, the one that separates it from previous Kindle World stories reviewed here, is a rushed plot and a glaring lack of Vampire Diaries’ knowledge.

Wilmer does a good job of capturing the character of Caroline, but falls short in her development of Klaus.  My guess is she’s a big Caroline/Klaus fan, but doesn’t have a clear sense of who Klaus is.  Its simple things:  the use of “my dearest” rather than “love” or “sweetheart” when referring to Caroline, the stroking of Caroline’s arm or cheek, something I’ve never seen Klaus do and which seemed pretty creepy each time he did it. Then there was the elaborate, romantic dinner Klaus plans for their date and then he orders Fettuccine Alfredo, a fairly simple dish for one so well-traveled who could have arranged for a meal flown in from anywhere.

But, I was ready to overlook these things. Klaus is, after all, a tough character to capture, Wilmer’s writing wasn’t bad…but then Stephan showed up.  You know Stephan, right?  I sure don’t.  Though he takes Caroline to the Salvatore Mansion, he’s never identified as being related in any way to Stefan Salvatore.  After he’s introduced, all I seemed to notice were glaring errors everywhere in the story, including the ending which had a clear R rating which just blew my mind away because Alloy Entertainment’s stance has been to allow nothing more explicit than a PG-13 rating.

Here’s the thing. The story might have been just fine after the obviously misnamed Salvatore brother was introduced. I’ll have to go back and give it a second read.  But I just see RED when these types of errors pass through the vetting system unacknowledged and I lose respect for the story and the author.  It’s an insult to the readers.  It’s an insult to the other writers who work hard to make sure that their story is perfect before publishing it. How many times will a reader buy a story with misnamed characters or characters so out of character before they abandon the program altogether and go back to where they can just stop reading something like this without having invested money into it?


My Favorite Part: The friendship between Caroline and Elena

Least Favorite Part: Guess.

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