Kilts, Heather, and the Highlands: My Review of Scot of My Dreams by Janice Maynard

Kilts, Heather, and the Highlands: My Review of Scot of My Dreams by Janice Maynard


by Janice Maynard

4 Stars

I have to admit, I unexpectedly fell in love with Scot of My Dreams, ironic, because almost the same thing happened when I read Outlander, the book and TV show that inspired Janice Maynard’s latest novel. Bryce and Willow’s story starts a little slow, the beginning a set-up of Willow’s tale of how she and her two best friends take a trip of a lifetime to Scotland to find their own Jamie Fraser. Though Willow is as far from a romantic as possible and really has a hard time relaxing because she’s too busy worrying about her hair salon back in Georgia, she falls in love with the Highlands long before she falls for Bryce, the Laird of Dunvarstone Castle. And this was the thing that connected me to the book.

Don’t get me wrong, the romance between Bryce and Willow is sweet and passionate and I rooted for them almost from the beginning. Bryce is every girl’s kilted dream. Willow is easy to connect with, haunted by her past and unwilling to let herself be dependent on a man until Bryce shows her that they can be partners even as she lets go of one dream for another she never imagined for herself. The supporting characters, Bryce’s sister Abby and his Uncle Horatio are delightful, especially Abby, who I found myself rooting for just as much as I was Willow and Bryce.

But it’s Willow’s love of Outlander that makes this book special for me. I’ll be honest, with the popularity of the TV show and the visual characterizations of the characters I’ve loved for 25 years I’d sort of developed a negative feeling towards Outlander. In the space of a year the story of Jamie and Claire had become such a pop culture hit that I felt it cheapened my quarter century love affair with them. Then Willow reminded me. She reminded me how I fell in love with Scotland, a place I’ve never been, through a series of books. How I wanted to stand in front of a stone circle and place my hand on one of the boulders to see if I felt anything. How my fascination with all things Scotch and Celtic was rooted inside of me because these characters have lived in my heart for half of my life.  I remembered how the battlefield of Culloden left my soul with a dark spot though I’d never stepped foot on it. So, yes, even though this book represented the thing that marred my love for Outlander, it was the catalyst in reminding me of what Outlander means to me. And when a book can do that, it finds it’s own special place in my heart.

men in kilts

Okay, this might be the real reason I love Outlander and Scot of My Dreams.

4 stars for Scot of My Dreams. Heat level: 3

I received this book for free in exchange for honest feedback.

Scot of My Dreams is book 2 in the Kilted Heroes series by Janice Maynard and was published by Lyrical Shine in May 2016.

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Scot Of My Dreams (Kilted Heroes, #2)

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