Just A Short Hiatus

Just A Short Hiatus

Happy August, my friends! Hopefully, some of you have noticed it’s been a touch quiet here at ReadsandReviews. We have been busy in the Lombardo household with lots of remodeling, to include my office, which is completely torn apart. In addition, there’s been a bit of traveling and helping my daughter prep to go back to college (How is it my baby is a college senior? Please, someone stop the time train from going so fast!).

So, yes, it’s been busy.

I have been blessed with review requests from many authors and look forward to getting their books read and reviewed. After the dust has settled here at home I plan to take a short break..so, if you’re an author who has requested a review, please know I haven’t forgotten or absconded with your book! I just need a breather, which I have no doubt each of you understand.

While I’m “taking my break” you will see some activity. I have a few reviews ready to be typed up and published. In addition, I’m in the process of shutting down my Kindle Worlds blog and combining it with R&R. In the next few weeks you’ll notice numerous KW Vampire Diaries reviews published here. If you’re a TVD fan or know someone who is, please check out the reviews because there are some fantastic authors publishing in Amazon’s KW program.

Hopefully by the middle of September, all the maintenance (home and blog!) will be completed and new reviews will start rolling out. Thanks for hanging in there with me. I am looking forward to having dedicated time to spend reviewing and making this blog a place that many enjoy.

Cheers,  Sandra

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