It’s Rock and Roll Week! (Plus An Awesome Giveaway!)

It’s Rock and Roll Week! (Plus An Awesome Giveaway!)

Rock and Roll romance novels can be found all over best sellers’ list complete with hot alpha male musicians and the strong, independent women they fall in love with. Plus, the music. Music calls to each and every one of us and a book featuring amazing lyrics and well-developed characters…well, it’s like getting two for one. This week, guest reviewer Michelle Hazen and I will share reviews of four uniquely amazing Rock and Roll romances.


If that wasn’t enough to get a reader excited, author Juli Page Morgan has offered a signed copy of her best seller Crimson and Clover as one of two great prizes in the Rock and Roll giveaway!!




Under Katie Scott’s flower child exterior beats the heart of June Cleaver. Though she digs her bellbottoms and love beads, she longs for the idyllic family life she was denied as a child. Laughed out of San Francisco’s Haight Ashbury after the Summer of Love for believing rock ‘n roll and white picket fences can coexist, she decides to try her luck in the bohemian neighborhood of Ladbroke Grove in London. When she discovers her new friend Adam is starting a band with Jay Carey, she’s ecstatic. She’d admired the British guitar god from afar for years, and when she and Jay finally meet the attraction between them is instantaneous. But life with a rock ‘n roll star doesn’t lend itself well to white picket fences. And when Katie tells Jay the secret she’s carried for two years it may end the dream before it begins.


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2 thoughts on “It’s Rock and Roll Week! (Plus An Awesome Giveaway!)

  1. I am so glad you decided to do this theme week! Musician romances have been my top favorite read this year, though I wish more of them allowed the female to be the famous one…

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