It’s Mid October Already!?

It’s Mid October Already!?

The last time I posted here was August 30 and, quite frankly, that was pretty much a drive-by. I’ve been absent on Twitter (sorry fellow tweeters!). Facebook has become one big scroll of hatred. And, my son got married. My dog got sick. And I went to Hawaii.

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Let’s rewind. June started with my daughter getting home from a year in France where she lived the dream. She returned home on a Sunday, I broke my finger in our truck door on Wednesday (long story…) and by the end of the week she was looking for a job in Washington DC while trying to find an apartment and move out of our house for good. As parents we’d like to believe that when our children reach this point in their lives we are just innocent bystanders, giggling as they try to figure things out. Yeah, not so much. Just as when she (and her brother, more on that to come) was growing up, her father and I willingly and, occasionally, happily, jumped in to help her out. I’m happy to report she found a job and an apartment.

But…while my lovely daughter was racing towards full adulthood, she was also planning her best friend’s bridal shower and bachelorette weekend. Did I mention her best friend was marrying into the family? So, while we’re helping said daughter find her ideal apartment, pack up her stuff, move her stuff, get her job situated, we were also in front row seats as she demonstrated her awesome party planning skills all while we were planning a 100 guest rehearsal dinner, a traditional Catholic wedding ceremony, a post-wedding breakfast, and a baptism for our newest niece the day after the wedding. And, it was just August.

                     Here’s my daughter giving a toast to her brother and new sister.


With just one hitch, the daughter’s move and son’s wedding were perfect. The hitch: our 100 pound, 11-year-old black lab fell down the stairs the morning before the wedding and couldn’t walk. As my husband and daughter raced him to the vet I was convinced I was going to be called away from hostessing our out-of-town guests to go and say goodbye to the one my human children call the favorite child. Fortunately, he’s still with us and recovering from a slipped disc. The fact that he’s happy and getting around really well, that’s just an extra blessing.

So, here I am wondering how the heck I got to October. You might be wondering what I’ve read as there haven’t been any book reviews posted. Here’s the thing. All of the above added a bit of stress to my life and I found that the only thing that made me not stressed was reading Kristen Ashley and Joanna Wylde. In the space of about 5 weeks I read the entire Reapers MC series for the 4th time (after the release of Reaper’s Fire). Then, I got a hankering for Hawk Delgado, because, who wouldn’t just randomly get a hankering for Hawk Delgado? So, I read Mystery Man for the bazillionth time. And, just like when you give a mouse a cookie, Mystery Man led to Wild Man, which led to Law Man, which, you guessed it, resulted in Motorcycle Man. And once I got that far, it only made sense to re-read the Chaos series. And then I had to finish the Rock Chick series because they’re all connected! While I was doing all this I realized that these books were like a warm blanket, a comfy chair, and a rainy day all rolled into one. Some days, reconnecting with these characters were the only thing that kept me from pulling my hair out and maiming family members. I’m so grateful to both of these authors for creating characters that feel so real to me that some days I’ll look at their picture and it blows my mind that these people I love live in their heads.

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Oh, and I went to Hawaii. Hubby has a work thing and I convinced him that a post-wedding vacation was in order. I finished Walk Through Fire while there and started Erika Kelly’s latest, Mine For Now while on the beach. The way all books should be read.

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