Finding Love in Paris: A Review of The Accidental Boyfriend by Maggie Dallen

Finding Love in Paris: A Review of The Accidental Boyfriend by Maggie Dallen


By Maggie Dallen

3.5 Stars


I just recently got home from Paris, so I was super excited to read the latest from Maggie Dallen, The Accidental Boyfriend, book two in her A Chance Romance series. It was fun to revisit the sounds and smells of this romantic city as Jack Everett and Holly Sinclair found that sometimes what you think you want and what you need are two very different things. And, while The Accidental Boyfriend revisits characters and events from book one, The Accidental Engagement, Dallen does a nice job of making it easily a standalone novel.

Holly has had a huge crush on Jack since he started gracing the pages of tabloid magazines with his antics and sexual conquests. When she meets him at her sister’s wedding, sparks fly between the two, but Holly douses the flames because Jack is not the type of guy she wants. Though she’s lived her life much the same way as Jack-living all over the world and casual relationships-a tragic event has convinced her she needs stability. She’s determined to prove to everyone that her high school sweetheart, Ben, is the man to give her that. When she flies to Paris to surprise Ben, she finds herself on a collision course with Jack, the one temptation that can ruin everything with Ben.

Jack hasn’t been able to forget Holly since the night he walked away from her. Convinced he’s nothing but trouble to everyone he loves, he holds himself at a distance, living up to his image as a playboy. This includes staying away from Holly, his best friend’s sister-in-law. When he’s sent to Paris to save Holly from making a huge mistake, he’s incapable of resisting her and the sparks between them ignite.

There’s everything to like about The Accidental Boyfriend. Holly and Jack are easy to like characters, both facing similar issues in that they feel they’ve consistently let down the people that love them. While Holly craves the textbook version of stability, Jack races away from it. I enjoyed the development of both these characters as they learned that the definition of “normal” and “stable” are what they make it rather than what they’ve been told it is. Their romance is steamy, and more importantly, fun.  The supporting characters act as the perfect springboard for both Holly and Jack as they learn who they are and fall in love. The Accidental Boyfriend is perfect for reading while sitting on the beach or curling up on a rainy day. 3.5 Stars, Heat Level: 3

I received a copy of this book from Pump Up Your Books in exchange for honest feedback.

The Accidental Boyfriend was published in May 2016 by Lyrical Shine.

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The Accidental Boyfriend

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Maggie Dallen

Maggie Dallen is a big city girl living in Montana. She writes adult and young adult romantic comedies in a range of genres. An unapologetic addict of all things romance, she loves to connect with fellow avid readers on Facebook, Twitter or at


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