COVER REVEAL: Cheap Tricks by Mara Miller

COVER REVEAL: Cheap Tricks by Mara Miller


Sophie had no remorse when it came to shooting her ex-boyfriend’s brother in the rear. He deserved it, after all, for destroying two years of work at an Incan excavation in Peru.

A trip home to Kentucky was long overdue. Professor Bergin had practically insisted on it, arranging a temporary position for her at his contract archeology firm. She’d neglected a lot of people she loved in all the time she’d been abroad, and one ex wasn’t going to stop her from reconnecting with them.

Staying home had nothing to do with Neal Justice.

It didn’t.


* * *

Neal Justice didn’t want the big city doctor life, or his father paying for everything.

He couldn’t watch another person’s life fade as he tried his hardest to save their life after he failed to save his sister’s. He’d rather be back home, with family he knew he could trust instead of his judgmental father.

The last thing he expected was for Sophie to blow into his life with an accusing finger, a territorial attachment to spaghetti, and a reluctance to dance with him.


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Mara A. Miller

I live for writing.

The Romance writing thing happened by accident in 2012 when I started posting Cheap Guitars on Fanfiction.Net as a Delena story. I came at that story fresh from a break-up and a need to try writing a Harlequin romance because I just wanted to see if I could finish a book other than my abandoned vampire stories. I had a friend who had been self-publishing and she knew how frustrated I felt because I kept getting rejections from literary journals for my short stories that I wrote in college. After I finished the last chapter of that, and Head Over Hoof, I realized I actually had something. I still enjoy writing essays and poetry, but I’ve gotten addicted to this writing about people falling in love thing, especially after I realized how valuable self-publishing could be–I actually laughed at her..

I’m a graduate from Eastern Kentucky University. I started EKU in 2004 and had no idea what I wanted to major in, so I chose Anthropology. I fooled around and didn’t graduate until 2010, then decided to get another degree in English with a Creative Writing emphasis when I decided I didn’t want to be an archeologist or a cultural anthropologist. I’m currently a student at Southern New Hampshire University.

When I’m not writing, I love knitting and spending time with my pets. I waste entirely too much time on Facebook and have an obsession with playing The Sims. Don’t be afraid to e-mail me, tweet me on Twitter, or contact me on here! I live in the mountains of Kentucky where it’s one of the most inspiring places to be.

Twitter: @mara_a_miller
Instagram: maram1986
Author E-Mail: (you can also ask me to put you on my mailing list through this e-mail)
Website: (also where you can find my blog)

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