Coming Soon: Her Master’s Servant by Kait Jagger (Book 2 in the Lord & Master Trilogy)

Coming Soon: Her Master’s Servant by Kait Jagger (Book 2 in the Lord & Master Trilogy)


Summary: How can a couple move on after an earth-shattering betrayal? Her Master’s Servant, the hotly anticipated second book in Kait Jagger’s Lord and Master trilogy, finds lead character Luna Gregory  picking up the pieces in the wake of a shocking  deception by both her long-time mentor and the love of her life. Reeling from the discovery that the Marchioness of Lionsbridge used her as a pawn in a plot to retain control of the 500-year-old Arborage Estate, Luna runs as far away as she can get. But though she tries to put the past behind her, she can’t escape memories of the overwhelming love she shared with the heir of Lionsbridge, Stefan Lundgren – who has vowed to get her back, by any means necessary.

            Stefan ultimately reclaims what is his in a single, searing night of passion, but the wounds he and Luna have inflicted on one another run deep. As they attempt to build a future together, a dark seam of power, lust and control opens up between them. Addictive as it is enthralling, Stefan’s tender abuse awakens an answering darkness in Luna. Can they stop punishing each other? Do they want to? The fate of Arborage – and of their love – hangs in the balance.



 Jagger was inspired to write the Lord and Master trilogy after reading a New York Times bestselling romance novel she found lacking in one critical aspect: a heroine with a realistic life and fully-formed personality. She aimed to build a protagonist, as well as a relationship, that injected some reality into the romance. And Jagger has taken a similarly pragmatic approach to the aftermath of Luna and Stefan’s break-up.

            “Luna and Stefan are both straight arrows, above the usual romance novel trope of ‘we’ll have hot sex on page 25, but we won’t have an honest conversation about our relationship until page 200,” Jagger explains. Her books are written to reward the patient reader, who wants a full, satisfying story, not just hot sex. “Which isn’t to say the sex scenes in Her Master’s Servant aren’t hot,” Jagger laughs.

            A refreshing addition to the wildly popular erotic romance market, Her Master’s Servant explores:

  • Delving further into its main characters’ back stories without sacrificing the staple scenes of the genre.

  • The appeal of a ‘quiet alpha’ male lead who is driven, knows what he wants and does whatever it takes to get it… but still views his romantic partner as his equal.

  • How a ‘quintessentially English’ heroine like Luna Gregory balances her innate reserve with her growing intimacy with Stefan.

  • Passionate, aspirational sex scenes that, like the rest of Jagger’s writing, remain rooted in reality—“I don’t write ‘magic orgasm’ scenes, where the heroine miraculously achieves completion without any kind of work on the hero’s part,” Jagger notes.

Kait Jagger lives on a farm in Lancashire, England with her husband, four children, one dog and one cat. She has worked as a personal assistant for 21 years in a variety of industries, from a television production company, to a top UK food retailer, to a major international sports brand. Her debut novel, Lord and Master, was released in May 2015, kicking off the Lord and Master trilogy.

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