Chronicles of Katrina by Karin Tabke

Chronicles of Katrina by Karin Tabke

  I found out about the Chronicles of Katrina, by Karin Tabke, through a random Twitter post and, though I had dozens upon dozens of books on my “to read” list, something about this one screamed out “BUY ME!” Not one to ignore the cry of a book or my credit card, Katrina and company were quickly taking up bytes on my Kindle.

And I’m so glad I caved, because I can’t remember the last time I lunged head-first into a book and came up laughing and crying and hot and bothered all at once. I fell in love with Simon immediately and not just because he’s smoking hot. I fell for Katrina almost as fast because she’s absolutely adorable and desperately needed someone like Simon to love her. Plus, they’re explosive together, pun intended. The Chronicles of Katrina, originally told in four parts, may be the most fun I’ve had reading in forever, and honestly, I needed this book right now.

Just a few chapters in I felt I had a good idea of who the two main characters were, not to mention Katrina’s devious, waste of space boyfriend, Evan. Evan is that typical sleazy guy, who is easy to dislike and brings out the desire to throw a punch or two. Simon, without doubt, fits right into the “hot, sexy man in uniform who’s drenched in honor” category. Katrina is the archetypal “librarian” or as it is in this case, the scientist/doctor who’s married to her job with no clue of how sexy she is. But, honestly, whether you see these personality types as cliché or not, it allowed for an instant relationship with each character.

But what really makes this book shine is how Karin Tabke takes the story from one of clichéd characters and erotica and builds it into an edge-of-your-seat, romantic suspense tale. She doesn’t show her hand immediately, as the book begins with an incredibly hot, fairly unorthodox sex scene. But as the reader turns the page, the story gradually builds up to the promised romantic thriller while the characters rise above the clichés, slowly revealing their strengths and weaknesses until they’re fully fleshed out people we care deeply about.

I give this one five stars all the way and classify it as a “read again” for sure!

You can buy The Chronicles of Katrina here at Amazon.  Use a Nook? Buy it here at Barnes & Noble.

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One thought on “Chronicles of Katrina by Karin Tabke

  1. You are like a drug dealer outside of the AA meeting. I have so less than no time to read, and I MISS BOOKS and you will only ever make my to read list longer. Actually, that’s not true, because your bad reviews are true as well, so I guess you save me wasted effort, too, which is wonderful. I’ve always wanted a friend like you, who had taste I could ACTUALLY trust and who spends all her time finding me great books to read- I was hoping joining goodreads would help with this, but even the reviews on there are hit or miss. But I know when you love something that it will ALWAYS be worth the effort, so that’s lovely. Someday, when I have horrible writer’s block (and Goldnox and Nightlight do too, so I can rest) I will read myself crosseyed with all the recommendations on this blog.

    In other news, congrats on making the subscribe button super easy to find and use on this site! It was much harder on the last one.

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