All Because of Vampires

All Because of Vampires

It’s been a crazy summer for me. My daughter graduated from college and my son got engaged. Some good news, some bad as personal demons are always waiting in the wings to make a good day miserable. One of the highlights of the summer was spending 4 days in the mountains of Idaho with three amazing women who I met through writing fan fiction. Yep, we met online (granted it was about 3 years ago) and having only met one of them in person, I got on a plane and spent a long weekend with people I’d only met via the internet.

It was one of the best weekends of my life. There’s something about connecting with people on the internet. First, there’s a common interest that brings you together initially. For us, it was The Vampire Diaries and writing fan fiction about the show. Once the connection’s made (we commented on each other’s stories) there are personal messages (we discussed the characters’ motivation, Ian Somerhalder’s abs, and books we love). Eventually we start talking about our lives, switch to email, and all of a sudden we’re texting/calling each other.

The anonymity of the internet allows you to be more open in your conversations. The four of us discussed everything and anything (seriously, nothing was taboo). I’d probably not had such frank conversations with friends, well, ever. When we eventually met, screaming with joy in the airport, it was not as strangers, but as old friends that hadn’t seen each other in a long time. Over the fours days we were together, time literally flew by. We’d get up, have breakfast, and start talking. 6 hours later we’re in the same spot, having not moved at all (though occasionally one of us would nod off and take a short nap, hey it was a vacation). We talked about everything from our love of books to writing to children to our own childhoods. It was liberating to be so open and know I wouldn’t be judged.

Writing and reading gave me this. Lord knows I love to read and the thought that something just as amazing as reading a book came out of that passion just blows me away. When I think about it, I realize that these wonderful women had given me so much more: the courage to write and the support to start a review blog. It never even occurred to me that I could take my book reviewing skills and transfer that to a medium where (hopefully) more people would read my thoughts about books I’ve read. But, my girls not only suggested I do this, but they’ve supported me unconditionally throughout, even when this blog’s been suspiciously quiet for weeks because life got in the way.

So, because of vampires I not only had a great vacation, but I got the chance to meet three of the most awesome, fearsome women on the face of the planet.

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  1. Oh honey, I love you so much! It was the best time and I will treasure it forever! Thank God we totaled over 400 pictures LOL And yes, thank you TVD ff for bringing us together! Couldn’t imagine my life without you. XOXO

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