A Review, A Giveaway, and An Author Interview…Kait Jagger’s Lord & Master Series

A Review, A Giveaway, and An Author Interview…Kait Jagger’s Lord & Master Series


By Kait Jagger

5 Stars


The Marchioness, the third and final chapter of Kait Jagger’s Lord and Master trilogy, does not disappoint. Capturing all the romance and conspiracy of its predecessors, The Marchioness takes off in Sweden before settling the reader down where the adventure began, at Arborage.

It’s no secret to anyone how much I love this series, one I’ve recently compared to the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon.  Much like Claire Randall Fraser, Luna Gregory is a heroine to be admired and, admittedly, feared. In The Marchioness, her story comes full circle just as Luna herself finally embraces all that she is. In many ways, I think I love Stefan Lundgren as much as I do because he reminds me of Jamie Fraser, a man who stole my heart 25 years ago. Stefan, like Jamie, dares to love a woman who will do everything in her power to protect him without letting it destroy his sense of self.

While Lord and Master introduced us to Luna and Stefan, Her Master’s Servant was very much Stefan’s story. The Marchioness, aptly titled, is Luna’s. Orphaned at a young age and witness to her father’s suicide, Luna adopted an icy demeanor, melted only for those she loves. Behind this lay a young woman willing to fight for her loved ones but, up until now, one that let things happen to her. Her devotion and loyalty had been taken advantage of by people she trusted, at times leading this reader to wonder at Luna’s naivety. Even when faced with difficult situations, she would do what she thought others would do, rather than dig deep into herself for answers. It was beautiful to watch Luna emerge from this, accepting herself, embracing her dual nature, and most importantly, revealing her vulnerabilities. When she finally does this, it allows Stefan to recognize that she’s strong, but also needs to be handled with care, something he’s not always been successful at.

Author Kait Jagger employs lovely parallels within the series. We’re treated to a chapter late in the book told from the POV of Luna’s new PA, who clearly represents the younger Luna when hired by Augusta, the previous Lady Wellstone. But, it’s the stories of Arborage’s masters and mistresses that are at the forefront.  Pride separated the 6th Marquess and Marchioness. It was pride, and Arborage itself, that separated John, the 16th Marquess and his Marchioness, Augusta. Both couples endured years of separation, despite the great love they shared. Told in a subtle way throughout the series, their stories become a cautionary tale for Luna and Stefan.

The Marchioness is not lacking in adventure and intrigue as Luna and Stefan fight off advances from a man who wants to own Arborage and will do anything to get it. When he uses dangerous tactics to fulfill his desires, Luna and Stefan find themselves fighting for their lives. In addition, favorite characters return, giving the book a warm feeling that Jagger has built over the series. There’s also jealousy, family intrigue, humor, flirting, and the erotica that reflects the series’ title.

5 stars for The Marchioness. Heat level: 4.5

The Marchioness was published in March 2017 by Kait Jagger

The Marchioness: Lord and Master Book 3

In addition to the March 20th release of The Marchioness, author Kait Jagger has released the complete trilogy in one book! Enter below to win a copy of the Lord and Master series. And, all three books and the compilation are available for free through Kindle Unlimited! You can read my review of Lord and Master here and Her Master’s Servant here. And, because I’m a stalker extraordinaire, Kait let me jump in on a conversation with her and her good friend Mary-Ellen Deily to talk about characters, inspiration, and motorcycles! Catch this interview here.



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