A Bodyguard Romance With All The Thrills: Tara Wyatt’s Primal Instinct

A Bodyguard Romance With All The Thrills: Tara Wyatt’s Primal Instinct

4 Stars

Primal Instinct, the latest from Tara Wyatt’s Bodyguard series, is bursting with rich characterizations, suspense, action, and steamy romance. There’s a lot to like about this book.

The characters are fantastic. Wyatt gives them such depth that the reader can’t help but experience their growth with them. Both Taylor Ross, the (slightly) out of control rock star, and Colt Priestly, the damaged war veteran, suffered through traumatic childhoods that have shaped their adult lives. Taylor grew up with an abusive, emotionally absent father that left her feeling as though she would never be good enough. When her declaration of love is rejected by her latest boyfriend, those feelings from childhood are confirmed and she sets off on a voyage of drinking heavily and one-night stands. Colt uses alcohol and sex to forget his experiences in the “sandbox”. His desire to protect, whether it’s his little sister or the people who hire him as a bodyguard, is almost obsessive, failure to do so enough to send him spiraling into an abyss of failure. No surprise that the book opens with these two on a collision course when Colt steps in to protect Taylor from an overzealous fan and sparks fly. The night ends with them in bed, both knowing that something special had occurred, but unwilling to see it as anything more than one night of passion. That mindset is put to a test when Colt is hired to be Taylor’s bodyguard/babysitter by her record label.

Like recognizes like. So often in books the main characters are opposites. Opposites attract and all that. But Colt and Taylor are alike, and quite honestly, that works in their favor. Yes, both bring different things to the table, but neither thinks they’re good enough and Wyatt’s storytelling is fantastic as they begin to see themselves as they truly are reflected in the other’s eyes.

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The suspense/thriller storyline is intense as two dangerous men put Taylor’s life in jeopardy. I was surprised to find that Wyatt, who uses the 3rd person POV in Primal Instinct, chose to go with four different perspectives. In addition to Taylor and Colt, the story is told from the two villains’ point of view. There’s no surprise as to who they are, but it doesn’t lessen the intensity as these two evil men work to get from Taylor what they want. The level of depravity of both Ronnie and Frank leaves the reader with chills, especially Ronnie, who has all the characteristics of an obsessive stalker that we’ve come to know and love.

If I had one complaint, okay two, it’s this: the story drags somewhat in the middle and (don’t be a hater) there’s just a little too much sex. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good, intense love scene as much as the next girl, but there comes a point where things just need to go behind closed doors for me.

I received a copy of Primal Instinct from NetGalley & Forever Publishing in exchange for honest feedback.

4 Stars for Primal Instinct. Heat level: 4

Primal Instinct was published in May 2016 by Forever Publishing.

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Primal Instinct (Bodyguard #2)

Tara Wyatt

Tara Wyatt is the author of The Bodyguards series. Her debut novel, Necessary Risk, was published in February 2016 by Forever Romance. Known for her humor and steamy love scenes, Tara’s writing has won several awards, including the Unpublished Winter Rose, the Linda Howard Award of Excellence, and the Heart of the West. A librarian by day and romance writer by night, Tara lives in Hamilton, Ontario with her dog and husband. Visit her online at www.tara-wyatt.com, or find her on Twitter @taradwyatt. You can sign up for news and updates here: http://eepurl.com/Z32SH

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