Kindle Worlds Review: Desperate Love Trilogy by Michelle Hazen

Kindle Worlds Review: Desperate Love Trilogy by Michelle Hazen

*Originally published on September 29, 2013*





By Michelle Hazen

Summary:  The Desperate Love Trilogy: A suspenseful and steamy exploration of the true nature of love and free will, friendship, and sacrifice. Without a sire bond or untimely death to distract from the drama of Damon and Elena’s first few months together, this is Season 4 the way the fans would have written it, with lots of romance, action, and an explosive, game-changing finale!

Main Characters:  Elena Gilbert, Damon Salvatore, Stefan Salvatore, Caroline Forbes

Secondary Characters:  Jeremy Gilbert, Matt Donovan, Bonnie Bennett, Tyler Lockwood

Original Characters:  Kyle, William & Eve Auvray, Marian

Honorable Mentions:  Katherine Pierce, Klaus Mikaelson


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Michelle Hazen gives The Vampire Diaries fans exactly what they didn’t know they needed during the somewhat painful Season 4.  While the season overall ended in a way we fans have become accustomed to, there were things that were just excruciating.  Just the phrase ‘sire bond’ makes me see red and give thanks that my extra-large television is still in one piece.

Thank goodness for Michelle Hazen.  As I was (along with thousands of others) gnashing my teeth through season 4, she was creating a better, more enjoyable season 4 without compromising everything that makes The Vampire Diaries what it is:  a show with multi-layered characters, excellent writing and pretty much instant gratification. Gone was the sire bond, the death of a beloved character, the season-long tease of whether our favorite couple was going to be together or not, plus a fantastic twist on the plot playing out on Thursday nights via our televisions and/or computers, tablets and smart phones.  Add in sexy love scenes, well-written and exciting action sequences, cliff hangers, and humor.

All of the above made the Desperate Love trilogy one of my favorite reads of the entire year, if not one of my favorites, period.  But, here’s the thing that truly made this such a delight to read:  it was the sense of family that Hazen created and maintained between our favorite characters.  It was this that brought this particular reader unending joy and the declaration to the author that her novel was my ‘happy place’.  I’ve read an unending amount of fan fiction and more recently published works on Kindle Worlds, but there hasn’t been a single, novel length story written that is as good as the Desperate Love trilogy.  Michelle Hazen gets it.  She gets these characters, doesn’t pull punches with them and her original characters have no resemblance whatsoever to a Mary Sue (see fan fiction terminology if you’re not familiar with this term).  Seriously, I could fangirl about this story until I died of old age.  If you haven’t read it, as soon as you leave here (after writing a comment and hitting follow on my blog) go and buy it over at Amazon.  I won’t lie, once you purchase all three parts you’ll have shelled out about the same amount of money you would for the latest Kindle version of a J.R. Ward book, but it is so worth it that I won’t even consider any complaining about the cost.  Pay it, the book is worth it and the author has earned it.

Don’t believe me?  Here are some quotes from reviews left on

“Hazen writes with what appears to be a wealth of experience at her fingertips. I know from her author’s note she has spent some time traveling the world, but its one thing to do so and another to write about it. She’s a true storyteller, in every sense of the word.”  Mrs. L (okay, this is from my Amazon review, but I really liked what I said).

“It’s funny and sad and snarky and action-packed and bittersweet and sexy (despite strictly adhering to the PG-13 rating). Hazen has managed to capture absolutely everything I love about the show within these pages. I can close my eyes and see it, all of it happening the way she’s written it. I can hear the actors bantering her dead-on dialogue. Her new characters blend perfectly into the supernatural menagerie that is Mystic Falls. Her plot twists and turns along the way feel right and true.”  Carol

From Love Thy Enemy:

“Part two……it just keeps getting better! I can totally lose myself in this alternate version of season four…’s like a dream world where everything is just as it should be! No dumb sire bond, no Silas…..just this wacky family of supernatural beings trying to get to a place where they can just live their lives!”  Megan Wilhoit

From The Price of Faith:

“The third installment of this series is everything I wanted, I needed, I hoped for and everything that I couldn’t have even fathomed to ask for. The plot has been building into a fantastic crescendo, and Hazen really blows it out of the water when it all comes to a head. Nothing is spared: the attention to detail, vivid imagery, the sounds… She pushes and shapes her world until the senses are all on overload and it hurts so good. And that’s to say nothing of the rollercoaster of the two love stories playing out while this is all happening.”  K. Golding

My Favorite Part:  Almost impossible to choose, so I cop to taking the easy way out and claim that my favorite part is the relationships found throughout this trilogy.

Least Favorite Part:  Um, none?  Okay, I wimped out (sort of) with my favorite part, so I’ll dig deep and try to find something I didn’t like about this. (insert theme to Jeopardy)…Okay, Klaus, as in, not enough of.  I love this Big Bad like nobody’s business.

Author’s Quote:  In typical Michelle Hazen fashion, she gave me lots and lots of quoting to choose from.  Seriously, I don’t know how she sleeps at night with all the words she has in her head.  Finally, I decided on this one, mostly because it was the least spoilery:

“Desperate Love was originally written to explore all the crazy things love makes us do, both good and bad, especially in relation to the juxtaposition between Elena and Jeremy’s supernatural natures after he became a vampire hunter of the five. That theme still came through strongly but certainly not in the way I’d planned.”  Michelle Hazen on Desperate Love

I’m going to wrap this review up here because it is now officially longer than some of my fan fiction.  I can only summarize by saying if you’re a Vampire Diaries fan, you do yourself a disservice by not buying this trilogy and reading it.  Also, you should comment on this and follow my blog.

Cheers until next time!



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